Augustin A. Couvillion, Avoyelles Parish, LA

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NOTE: This is a transcription of Augustin A. Couvillion's Application for a Civil War


Augustin was my g-g-grandfather. His first marriage was to Florence Couvillion,

my g-g-grandmother. He later married Celise Mayeux and Aimee Rose Bordelon.



Source: Louisiana Soldier's Application for Pension, # 451 for Augustin A.

Couvillion, Filed December 3, 1898





No. 451


The Board reserves the right to call for additional testimony.

Voorhies, LA

Augustin A. Couvillion

Filed: Dec. 3rd, 1898

Co. E, 18th LA Inf.


Quarterly Allowance:

Pension Allowed from:


(Signature unreadable) President

(Signature unreadable) Secretary

Board of Pension Commissioners






I, Augustin A. Couvillion, a native of Louisiana and now a citizen of Louisiana,

resident at Voorhies in the Parish of Avoyelles in said State of Louisiana,

and who was a soldier from the State of Louisiana in the Confederate States

army in the war between the United States and the Confederate States, do

hereby apply for aid under Act 125 of the General Assembly of the State of

Louisiana 1898; and I do solemnly swear that I served the Confederate States

honorably from the date of my enlistment until the close of the civil war, as

shown by my answers below, and that I remained true to the Confederate

cause until the surrender, and that I am now in indigent circumstances, and

unable to earn a livelihood by my own labor or skill, and that I am not salaried

or otherwise provided for by the State of Louisiana or by any other State or

government, and am entitled to receive the benefits of said Act No. 125 of 1898,

as further shown by my answers to the questions below, which I swear to be

true and correct:


1. In what town, county, State, country and year were you born?


Answer: Borodino, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana


2. When and where did you enlist, and in what command?


Answer: I enlisted at Camp Pratt in 1862 in the command Mouton's

Brigade. Co E, 18t Regt LA


3. Give the names of the regimental and company officers under whom

you enlisted, and under whom you were serving the date of your



Answer: Alfred Mouton Brigadier Genl. Capt Story Commanding

Co. E, 18th Regt LA. After the death of Genl Mouton, Genl. B_______

took command of the Brigade and commanded until the close of

the war.


4. Were you wounded? If so, in what battles, and if not, state under what

circumstances during the war you received injury or injuries.


Answer: No


5. What was the precise nature of your wound or wounds, if any?


Answer: None


6. If you have lost a limb or an eye, state when, where and how.


Answer: None


7. Were you discharged from the army by reason of wound, wounds, or from

the effects of service?


Answer: I was discharged from effecto(?) service at the close of the war.


8. If discharged or paroled from the army, where were you and what did you

do until the close of the war?


Answer: I was discharged at Natchitoches, LA at the close of the war.


9. What was the name of the surgeon who attended you when discharged?


Answer: Drs. McClous (?) and Bunson (?) was Surgeons of my co______.


10. Where were you at the surrender?


Answer: At Natchitoches.


11. If a prisioner, in what camp, and when were you released, and to where sent?


Answer: No.


12. Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government at any

time during the war?


Answer: No


13. If so, when, where and under what circumstances?


Answer: --------------------


14. How long have you been a resident of the State of Louisiana next preceeding

the date of this application? Where have you resided during that period?


Answer: I was born in Louisiana and lived therein to this date.


15. Are you married or have you been married?


Answer: I am.


16. If so, what is the size of your family?


Answer: Myself, my wife and ten children, two of whom are married.


17. What are the respective ages of your wife and children?


Answer: My present wife being of this marriage is now 31 years of age

and my children are respectively 27, 29, 17, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6 4 and 2 years


18. How many children have you, and how many of each sex?


Answer: Ten in all, three boys and seven girls.


19. Are you engaged in any business? If so, what do you earn?


Answer: I am not.


20. Have you any estate in your own right, real or personal, and what is its value?


Answer: None.


21. Has your wife any estate in her own right, real of personal, and what is its



Answer: None.


22. How have your derived support for yourself, and family if you have one, for

the last five years, and what prevents you from earning a living now?


Answer: What little I have derived was from from my(?) labor and my children. My condition _____ & my age is such for several years past that I can do but very little work.


23. Do you use any intoxicants to any extent?


Answer: I do not.


24. Have you an attorney to look after this application?


Answer: I have none.


25. Give his name, address and the compensation agreed between you.


Answer: -----------------


26. Give names of two or more of your comrades with their postoffice



Answer: A. M. Gremillion, Marksville, LA one of the ______________

witnesses, H. C. Edwards and Eloi Moullard, Marksville, LA.


27. Give your postoffice address and that of the two witnesses.


Answer: My Post Office address is Voorhies, LA that of my two

witnesses is Marksville, LA.



Witness my hand this 21st day of November, 1898.


(Signature of) A. A. Couvillion




(Signatures of)

A. M. Gremillion

J. A. Morrow




State of Louisiana

Avoyelles Parish Personally appeared before me, Alcide M. Bordelon


Clerk of the District Court of said Parish, the above named Augustin A. Couvillion, the

applicant, with whom I am personally acquainted, and having the application read

and fully explained to him as well as the statements and answers therein made,

made oath that the statements and answers are true.


Witness my hand and seal of office, this 21st day of November, 1898


(Signature of) A. M. Bordelon






State of Louisiana

Avoyelles Parish Personally appeared before me, Alcide M. Bordelon