Twelfth Generation

4092. Albert DÉCUIR I was baptized on 5 February 1673 in Macon, Diocese of Chambray, Belgium.1902 He was hired on 27 October 1719 for six years and signed a contract Maubeuge (Nord), France with the Company of Ste. Catherine on 17 January 1720 to come to Louisiana (he was able to sign his name). He was paid 180 livres upon engagement, 180 livres per year and 40 sols per day until sailing. Although the employees were, supposedly, bound for the Ste. Catherine Concession near Natchez, the manifest of the "la Loire" showed that they were manifested for the Ste. Reine Concession located in what is now St. Francisville, Louisiana. A second manifest exists for this ship dated several days later indicating that the vessel was destined for Ste. Reine. Therefore, his initial destination is unclear. The contract required that each engagee clear, cultivate and improve the land as instructed and they were also to work at seeding, planting and on the construction of buildings. If they did well in their duties, the company would provide food and wearing apparel for the engagee and their families. If the engagee failed, however, they were to forfeit their salaries and benefits. The Ste. Catherine Company was also promised to give one-tenth of the engagee's salary to the wife of the engagee. Upon termination of the contract, the company was obligated to provide free passage back to France or, if the engagee desired to stay in the colony, they were to receive a tract of land and monetary advances. On the contract, Jean Baptiste listed his occupation as "miner" and he indicated that he had a wife and five children. 1903 He came to the New World via/on "la Loire". The ship departed France on 11 August 1720 and arrived in Old Biloxi on 9 November. Interestingly, the ship's log indicates that Albert traveled with his son and his daughter. There is no mention of his wife or his other children. It is known, however, that two more of his children can be found in Louisiana in addition to the two that traveled with him in August 1720. Therefore, it is possible that, for reasons unknown, his wife and the remaining children traveled at a later time. We do know, however, that his wife gave birth to a child (Marie Catherinne) at Maubeuge (Nord) on 3 March 1720 shortly after Albert signed his contract. It is possible that her travel was delayed due to issues related to the birth of this child or it is more likely that his wife and newborn died prior to traveling to Louisiana. 1904,1905 He appeared in the census on 24 November 1724 at the Ste. Reine Concession in what is now the area of St. Francisville. Living with him are 2 sons and one daughter.1 Albert appeared in the census in 1726 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA with three children and one associate.1 In the 1727 census, he was living on the "right bank ascending on the Mississippi River" (this would appear to be what is now called the west bank of the river). Albert's unnamed son is listed as his partner. They had two slaves and 25 pigs. Albert was also listed in the 1731 census on the "left bank descending on the Mississippi River". He owned 4 slaves, 2 negro slave children, a servant and two pistols. Also listed on his plantation was an engagee/European worker and two women. He appeared in the census in 1745 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. He was listed as age 75 and living with him was his daughter (Anne Catherine Decuir) and his son-in-law (Jacques DeCoux) along with their five children and a niece. The family had 16 slaves cultivating 90 arpents of corn, beans and tobacco. They owned 55 head of cattle, 7 horses and 3 pigs along with 3 muskets along with powder and lead/balls for the musket. He died on 12 October 1750 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.52 Albert was buried on 13 October 1750 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1906 Catherine DOMER and Albert DÉCUIR I1597 were married on 27 November 1695 in Salles, Hainaut, Belgium.1905

4093. Catherine DOMER was born on 26 October 1674 in Salles, Hainaut, Belgium.1905 She was baptized in 1674 in Salles, Hainaut, Belgium.1597 She died before 24 November 1724. That is the date of the first census that has so far been located that lists her husband, Albert. However, based on the fact that the 1720 ship log of "la Loire' which brought her husband and two children to Louisiana did not list her name, it is likely that she died shortly after the birth of her child, Marie Catherine, who was baptized at Maubeuge (Nord), France on 4 March 1720.842

Children were:


Marie Jenne DÉCUIR was baptized on 25 January 1697 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium. She died on 2 March 1697 at the age of 0 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium. She was born about 1697 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium.



Anne-Catherine DÉCUIR.


Jean François DÉCUIR was born about 1704 at (originally Merge, Diocese of Treve, France) in Merzig, Diocese of Trier, Germany.1909 He was buried on 9 January 1771 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1910 He had his estate in succession on 18 February 1771 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1911


Marie Marguerite Josephe DÉCUIR was baptized on 26 March 1708 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium. She was born about 1708 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium.



Stephanus "Étienne" DÉCUIR.


Albert DÉCUIR II was baptized on 22 April 1714 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium. He was born about 1714 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium. He died on 9 July 1714 at the age of 0 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium.


Marie Ludovica DÉCUIR was baptized on 14 March 1716 in Macon, Hainaut, Belgium. She likely died before August 1720. There is no evidence that she ever came to Louisiana.


Marie Catherine DÉCUIR was born on 4 March 1720 in Maubeuge (Nord), France.1912 She was baptized on 4 March 1720 in Maubeuge (St. Pierre) (Nord), France. The baptismal record indicates that the father of the child was absent.1912