Thirteenth Generation

6414. Pierre DESPORTES was born about 1595 in Lisieux (diocèse) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.1770,1868 It is unclear when Pierre Desportes and his wife originally came to New France although there has been speculation that they traveled there as early as 1614 with his brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Abraham Martin and Marguerite Langlois). Other sources indicated that they arrived in New France in 1619. After Québec was seized by the English on 19 July 1629 while seeking control of the fur trade, almost all of the habitants were forced to return to France. The return trip to France began on 24 July 1629. The city remained under English control until 1632.After Pierre DESPORTES returned to the New World via the "La Salamandre and La Lionne". The vessel left Honfleur on 18 April 1632 but traveled to Le Havre to pickup/exchange passengers. They departed Le Havre on 21 April 1632. This ship contained the colonists who were returning to New France after its occupation by the English. Noticeably absent was the wife of Pierre Desportes, Françoise Langlois, who had died a year earlier at Dieppe. 2910Pierre appears to have died after 21 April 1632. On that date, his name appeared on the ship list of La Salamandre and La Lionne which was traveling back to New France after the end of its occupation by the English. It is possible that he died on the trip back to New France or died shortly thereafter.2910 Françoise LANGLOIS and Pierre DESPORTES1385 were married before 1620 in Lisieux (diocèse) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.1385,1770

(Note: It has often been reported that Pierre Desportes was a member of the Compagnie des Cent Associés. However, the list of Associes shows a 'Pierre Desports de Liguere' and, supposedly, this is not the Pierre Desportes who married Francoise Langlois.)

6415. Françoise LANGLOIS was born on 13 June 1599 in Montpelliers, France.2621 She arrived at Tadoussac via "LeSallemande" on 30 August 1620. She died about 20 April 1632 at the age of 32 in France.1385 Françoise was buried on 20 April 1632 in Dieppe (St-Jacques) (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France. She is listed as 'Marguerite' on her burial record but is listed as the 'femme de Pierre Desportes' (age 30)1,2622

(Note: Pierre and Marguerite returned to France from Quebec in 1629 after Quebec was seized by the Kirke Brothers for the British. Due to the death of Françoise in France, only Pierre and daughter, Hélène, returned to Québec after the end of the occupation.)

Children were: