Thirteenth Generation

8150. Mathieu HUBOU(LT) dit DESLONGSCHAMPS was baptized on 5 March 1626 in Le Mesnil-Durand (St-André) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.2936,1 He came to the New World in 1641 and the first instance of his name appeared in a baptismal record as godfather in Sillery in October 1641. In 1649, he was a master gunsmith/locksmith. This was just one of the many occupations that were listed for him during his lifetime. Others include churchwarden in 1659 and 1661 as well as bourgeois in 1662. In 1659, he became a member of the La Société de traité de Tadoussac (Society of Tadoussac Treaty). On 25 May 1661 before notary Audouart, Mathieu and his wife, Suzanne Betfer (Bedford) sold a house, buildings, barn and stable in the upper town of Quebec and overlooking the 'Grande Allée, that goes from Québec to Cap-Rouge'. Mathieu appeared in the census in 1667 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada. On 15 June 1675, Hubou and his wife, Suzanne Betfer (Bedford) signed a contract of sale regarding a house on Rue Saint-Pierre in the lower town of Québec. Between 3 April 1677 and 23 February 1678 he was a "Procureur fiscal" (Attorney) of the seigneurie of Montréal. In the January 1678 baptism record of his youngest child, he was referred to as Sieur de Monchon (Monchan?). He died on 31 October 1678 in Lachenaie (Quebec Province), Canada.1,2296 Mathieu was buried on 2 November 1678 in Pointe-aux-Trembles (Québec Province), Canada.1,2296 Suzanne BETFER (BOTFAIRE) and Mathieu HUBOU(LT) dit DESLONGSCHAMPS signed a marriage contract on 25 August 1649 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada before the notary Audouart. They were married on 28 September 1649 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada. Suzanne was the widow of Jean Serne.1,2297

8151. Suzanne BETFER (BOTFAIRE) was born in 1634 in Gloucester, Angleterre, England. She was a "filles à marier" (marriageable girl) who emigrated to New France representing one quarter of all the single girls arriving in New France through 1673. The "filles à marier" women arrived between 1634 and 1662 and only numbered 262. These young women, often poor, were recruited and chaperoned by religious groups or individuals who had to assure and account for their good conduct. To be considered a "filles à marier", the women must have been between the ages of 12-45, not accompanied by BOTH parents or a husband and must have signed an enlistment contract, one marriage contract or gotten married in the colony. Due to their arrival in the very early stages of the formation of New France, these 262 women played a significant role in populating the colony. She appeared in the census in 1667 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada. She died between 25 November 1688 and 29 May 1694 - possibly in Lachenaie (Quebec Province), Canada.

(Note: Suzanne is believed to have been the widow of Jean Serne who she, supposedly, married in Gloucester, Angleterre, England.)

Children were:


Athanase HUBOU was born on 2 November 1650. He was baptized on 20 November 1650 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2298 He died between 1667 and 1681 at the age of 17.


Mathurin (Matthaus)(Mathieu) HUBOU was born on 9 August 1652. He was baptized on 11 August 1652 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2299


Jean HUBOU was born on 8 August 1654. He was baptized on 9 August 1654 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2300


Geneviève HUBOU was baptized on 18 April 1656 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2301 She was born on 18 April 1656.





Jacques HUBOU was born on 1 May 1660 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2302 He was baptized on 2 May 1660 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2302 He was buried on 15 April 1676 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.


Nicolas HUBOU was born on 19 July 1662 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2303 He was baptized on 22 July 1662 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2304


Charles HUBOU was born on 9 September 1664 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2305 He was baptized on 9 September 1664 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2305


Madeleine HUBOU was baptized on 16 January 1678 in Pointe-aux-Trembles (Québec Province), Canada.2306 She was buried on 8 February 1678 in Pointe-aux-Trembles (Québec Province), Canada.