Emile A. Bordelon, Avoyelles Parish, LA
Soldier's Application for Pension
submitted by: Cathy Lemoine Sturgell

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NOTE: This is a transcription of Emile A. Bordelon's Soldier's Application for Pension.
Emile was my great-grandfather.  He was married twice:  1st marriage was to Lea
Juneau in 1873 and his second marriage was to Adolphine Rabalais (my great-
grandmother) in 1883.  He was the s/o Augustin Bordelon and Constance

The application was approved in March 1914.  Emile died in November of the same
year and is buried in Bordelonville, Louisiana

Parish of Avoyelles
    No. 8160

Soldier's Application for Pension
The Board Reserves the Rigth to Call for Additional Testimony

Emile A. Bordelon
P.O.  Bordelonville
Company and Regiment  B, 8th LA Cav
Filed  Nov 29, 1913
Allowed   March 11th 1914
Quarterly Allowance, $ ________________
Pension Allowed from _________________
Rejected  12/11/13  Record-ok - Assessors Cert missing
_________________________, President
______(illegible - maybe R. C Allen??), Secretary
    Board of Pension Commissioners.

All documentary evidence substantiating your claim should accompany this

All applications should be addressed to the Secretary of the Board of
Pension Commissioners, at Baton Rouge.

Blanks will be furnished by the Secretary on request.

Regular meetings of the Board second Tuesdays in March, June, September
and December.

Company and Regiment or Naval Service?
B, 8th LA Cav.

Date, Place and Nature of Wound Received?

Disability - Where and How Occasioned?

Where and When Paroled or Discharged?
Natchitoches, LA

If Discharged, Where Remaining until Surrender?




I, Emile A. Bordelon, a native of Louisiana and now a citizen of Louisiana, resident
at Bordelonville, in the Parish of Avoyelles in said State of Louisiana, and who was a
soldier (sailor or marine as the case may be) from the State of Louisiana in the
Confederate States army (or navy as the case may be) in the war between the
United States and the Confederate States, do hereby apply for aid under Article 303
of the Constitution of 1898, and subsequent Acts of the State Legislature thereunder,
and I do solemnly sweat that I served the Confederate States honorably from the day
of my enlistment until the close of the civil war, (or until discharged or paroled as the
case may be), as shown by answers below, and that I remained true to the Confederate
cause until the surrender, and that I am now in indigent circumstances, and unable to
earn a livelihood by my own labor or skill, and that I am not salaried or otherwise
provided for by the State of Louisiana or by any other State or government, and am
entitled to receive the benefits of said Acts, as further shown by my answers to
the questions below, which I swear to be true and correct:

1.    When and where were you born?
    Answer:    On the 7th of January 1844 at Bordelonville, LA

2.    When and where did you enlist?
    Answer:    About the 25th day of May 1864 at Mansura, LA

3.    Give the letter of your Company and the number of your Regiment.
    Answer:    Company "B" of the 8th Louisiana

4.    Give branch of service, Artillery, Infantry, Cavalry or Navy; if in Navy,
    give name or names of vessels you served in, or in what capacity.
    Answer:    Cavalry

5.    If discharged or paroled from the army, where were you, and what
    did you do until the close of the war?
    Answer:    Never was discharged

6.    Where were you at the surrender?
    Answer:    Natchitoches, LA

7.    If a prisoner, in what camp, and where were you released, and to
    where sent?
    Answer:    Never was a prisioner

8.    Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government
    at any time during the war?  If so, when and where?
    Answer:    No

9.    How long have you been a resident of the State of Louisiana next
    preceding the date of this application?  Where have you resided
    during that period?
    Answer:    All my life.

10.    Are you engaged in any business?  If so, what do you earn?
    Answer:  I make a little crop.

11.    Have you or your wife an estate in your own right, real or personal,
    and what is its value?
    Answer:    I own a small tract of land on which I live valued at $480.00.

12.    Give name of tow or more of your comrades, with their postoffice
    Answer:    Paulin D. Mayeux at Moreauville, LA R.F.D. No 1.
        and Remi Bordelon at Bordelonville, LA

13.    Give your postoffice address and that of the two witnesses:
    Answer:  My Postoffice address is Moreauville, LA R.F.D. No 1.
        and the witnesses is Marksville, LA

Witness my hand on this 28th day of November 1913.

            (Emile A. (his X mark) Bordelon)

(A.E. Gremillion)
(I. B. Lemoine)


Applicant Must Go Before Clerk of Court, or Notary Public, or Justice of the Peace
State of Louisiana
Avoyelles Parish          

Personally appeared before me, Charles J. Mayeux, Deputy Clerk of the District
Court of said Parish, the above named Emile A. Bordelon the applicant, with whom I
am personally acquainted, and having the application read and explained to him as
well as the statements and answers therein made, made oath that the statements
and answers are true.

Witness my hand and seal of office, this 28th day of November 1913

                (Chas.J. Mayeux,
                  Ds.Clerk of Court)

(If possible, the two witnesses as to character should have served with the applicant
in the army, and, if so, let them, or either, state it in their oath; also, any other
information regarding teh applicant's army service.)

State of Louisiana
Avoyelles Parish

Personally appeared before me, Charles J. Mayeux, Deputy Cleark of the District
Court of said Parish, the above named Alfred E. Gremillion and Ignatius B. Lemoine,
two of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing application, with whom I am
personally acquainted, and know to be citizens of veracity and standing in this
community, and who make oath that they are personally acquainted with the
foregoing applicant, and that the facts set forth and statements made in his
application are correct and true to the best of their knowledge and belief, and
that they have no interest in this claim, and that said applicant's habits are good
and free from dishonor.

Witness my hand and seal of office, this 28th day of November 1913.

                (Chas.J. Mayeux,
                  Ds.Clerk of Court)


No. 12583
Judge A. C. Allen, President            E. F. Brian, Secretary
    Franklin, LA                Baton Rouge, LA


                    Baton Rouge, LA, Nov. 29 1913

To Chief of the Record and Pension Office
    War Department
    Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:
    This Board, in the discharge of its duties under Article (illegible)
of the Constitution of 1898 of the State of Louisiana, and of Act (illegible)
125 of its General Assembly of the same year, created a Boar(illegible)
Pension Commissioners, respectfully apply for information (illegible)
your records, relative to Emile A. Bordelon
of Company B 8th LA Cavalry
Claims he enlisted about (illegible)
25th May 1864 at Mansura
LA and was at Natchitoches, LA at
the surrender.

Please give (illegible)

            Very respectfully,
            (A. C. Allen)


(Seal:  Adjutant General's Office, War Department, December 4, 1913, 2103659)


            WAR DEPARTMENT
                        THE ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE

2103659                          Washington                   December 5, 1913

Respectfully returned to the

    Louisiana Board of
    Pension Commissioners
    Baton Rouge.

There are no rolls on file in this office of Troop B, 8th Louisiana Cavalry, C.S.A.
The prisioner of war records show, however, that Emile _ Bordelon, private of
said organization, was surrendered at New Orleans, Louisiana, May 26, 1865,
and that he was paroled at Alexandria, Louisiana, June 28, 1865.

                (Geo. Andrews)
                The Adjutant General


STATE OF LOUISIANA            Judge A.C. Allen, President
                        Franklin, LA
                    E.F. Brian, Secretary
                        Baton Rouge, LA

            BATON ROUGE, LA  Feb 6, 1914

Mr. Emile A. Bordelon
Bordelonville, LA

Dear Sir:
    The Board requires the Assessors Certificate of your property
            (illegible signature and title)



PARISH OF AVOYELLES #  I do hereby certify that Emile A. Bordelon a resident of
the Sixth Ward in the Parish of Avoyelles, is assessed with thirty acres of land
valued at 480 (480).

                (__ Bielkiewi__)
                Deputy Assessor