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Welcome to my Home Page! My name is Cathy (Lemoine) Sturgell. How's ya Momma and them doin?

Many of my ancestors were among the first colonists of Pointe Coupée, Avoyelles, Mobile, Opelousas, the German Coast as well as other parts of New France (particularly Canada). If you have ties to these areas, there's a good chance you'll find something here to interest you.

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The Guillaume Lemoine Page

My Paternal Great-Great-Grandparents:
Ovide Lemoine & Victoria Dufour
Joseph Lemoine & Azéma Lemoine
Augustin Couvillion & Florence Couvillion
Léon Fernand Guillory & Angeline Mayeux

My Maternal Great-Great-Grandparents:
Zenon Vincent Mayeux & Armide Moreau
Joseph Coco & Pauline Mayeux
Augustin Bordelon & Constance Marcotte
Adolph P. Rabalais & Javelli Rabalais

Researching Avoyelles Families in Louisiana, Canada and France

My book: "Long Journey Home: The Ancestry of the Bret, Coco, Drapeau, Goudeau, Grémillon and Tassin Families in France"

Please enjoy the articles listed below but please remember to give proper credit if using these articles in your research or lineages. Thanks!

The First Colonists of Québec (with focus on Avoyelles Ancestors)

Québec May 1629 through July 1634 - The Missing Sacramental Register Entries

Hélène Desportes and the Will of Samuel Champlain - 1635

The Company of One Hundred Associates

Louisiana Ancestors at the Founding of Montréal

Confirming the Parentage of Pierre Jouineau - Husband of Anne/Jeanne Rousseau & Father of Augustin Jouineau

La Grande Recrue de 1653

The Great Earthquake of 1663

The Filles à marier & the Filles du Roi (King's Daughters)

Jean Roy & Françoise Bouet's Connection to Jeanne Mance

1666 Montréal Recensement - Transcription

The Carignan-Salières Regiment

The 'Milice de la Sainte-Famille de Jésus, Marie et Joseph' 1663-1666

The Lachine Massacre of 1689

The Lachenaie Massacre of November 1689 and the devastation of the Hubou Family

Les Troupes de la Marine

The LeConte Dupré (Lecomte, Lecompte) Family and Montréal Fire of 1721

Rouensa, Illiniwek Indian Chief

Families on 1745 Pointe Coupée Census

Guillory Family: The infamous "Margarita" case

Site of "Le Poste de Pointe Coupée", L’Église St-François d’Assise" and Nicolas de la Cour land/house

Replica of 2nd St. Francis Catholic Church, Pointe Coupée, Louisiana - Dedicated 1760

Picture of 2nd St. Francis Catholic Church, Pointe Coupée, Louisiana - Dedicated 1760

Current St. Francis Catholic Church, Pointe Coupée, Louisiana

Catholic Priests of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana 1796-1910

Understanding Place Names in France

Louisiana Lineage Research Book Suggestions

Orphan Train: New York Foundling Hospital Research

Who are the parents of François Bisette?

Are François Louis Grémillon and Joseph LaFleur Louisiana's Newest Revolutionary War Patriots?? - 2015

Who was Marguerite Hayes/Hayer? (In collaboration with Glen Saucier)(Will be updated in 2024)

Marie Anne Fourché - 1/2023 Revision;

Identifying Pierre Ducôté

The Burial Location of Edmé Goudeau/Godeau and His Son Charles

Ancestors of Nicolas Joseph Brulté II

Ancestors of Jean Baptiste Alexis Eugène Cailleteau

Ancestors of Louis Ambroise Lacour

Explaining the confusion surrounding the family/ancestry of Marie Françoise Mader, wife of Daniel Normand dit Gaspard, and proof of the family connection to the Materne family of the German Coast

Update on the Origins of Joseph Rebouché

Direct Ancestors of Dr. Pierre Laborde I

Correcting the widely-distributed error in the identification of and ancestry of the Couvillion Louisiana progenitor

NEW: Solving the Mystery of the Louisiana Demourelle Ancestry

Glen Saucier: Adventures in Genetic Genealogy: Genealogical vs. Genetic Family Trees, Part 1: "Y" Me, Lord?

Glen Saucier: Adventures in Genetic Genealogy: Genealogical vs. Genetic Family Trees, Part Deux: It Can Happen to You

Civil War Pension Transcriptions

Avoyelles Soldiers in the American Revolution
(Pic above: Flags that flew over Louisiana during the American Revolution (Source: http://www.usskidd.com/battles-revolution.html)

Plaque - Pointe Coupée Militia 1779 - Plaque in Pointe Coupée

Document Page

Links to copies of marriage records & other colonial documents

Tombstone Pictures

Ancestor Photographs

Joseph Ferdinand Mayeux, My Elusive Great-Grandfather

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