Xavier Mayeux, Avoyelles Parish, LA

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NOTE: This is a transcription of Elizabeth Bordelon Mayeux’s Widow's Application for


She was the wife of Xavier Mayeux. Xavier and Elizabeth were my g-g-g-grandparents.



Source: Louisiana Civil War Widow's Application for Pension, # 2617 for Elizabeth

Mayeux filed on 5-30-1904.







PARISH OF Avoyelles}

No. 2617


The Board Reserves the Right to Call for Additional Testimony.


Elizabeth Mayeux

Wife of Xavier Mayeux

Company and Regiment – P 8 LA Inf.

P.O. Mansura

Filed May 30, 1904

Allowed (barely legible)

Quarterly Allowance $ _____________________

Pension Allowed from ______________________

Rejected _______________________

_______________________, President

___(illegible)_______, Secretary

Board of Pension Commissioners


Cause of Death of Widow's Husbands?



When did he Die?

June 24, 1885



Avoyelles Ph.


Date of Granting Pension?



Monthly Amount?



Date of Application?

May 30, 1904


To save delay, Applicants should furnish all documentary evidence, they may

possess and sworm statements of comrades of their husbands when



All applications should be addressed to the Secretary of Pension Commissioners,

at Baton Rouge.


Blanks will be furnished by the Secretary on request.


Regular meetings of the Board, second Tuesdays in March, June, September

and December.





PARISH OF Avoyelles


On this 27th day of May, 1904, personally appeared before me, Etienne A. Plauche, Clerk of the District Court, within and for said Parish and State, Mrs. Elizabeth Bordelon, aged 66 years, a resident of the town of Mansura Parish of Avoyelles and State of Louisiana, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of Xavier Mayeux who entered the service of the Confederate States during the civil war under the name of Xavier Mayeux at Avoyelles Parish on the about the 10th of May 1865 and that he remained true to the Confederate States until, the surrender, at which time he was in Co. “B” 8th La Reg as Private; that she was married to the said soldier under the name of Elizabeth Bordelon on the 3 day of July 1855 by Father H. Tumoine at Bordelonville, LA; that she has not married again, and that she is now in indigent circumstances and unable to earn a livelihood by her own labor or skill, that she is not married or otherwise provided for by the State of Louisiana or by any other State or Government; that her said husband died on the 24 day of June 1885 at noon Mansura, LA, that she has resided in the State of Louisiana for 66 years next proceeding date of this application, and that she claims the aid and benefit of Act No. 73 of 1900 as is further shown by her answers to the

following questions which she sweats to be true and correct:


1. Under what circumstances did your husband die?

Answer: Consumption

2. Where is he buried?

Answer: (unreadable)

3. What are your means of support?

Answer: (unreadable)

4. What is the value of your property, real and personal, if any?

Answer: None

5. Have you conveyed property to any one in the past few years?

Answer: None

6. If any. How much and to whom conveyed?

Answer: -------

7. Give your post office address and that of your two witnesses?

Answer: Mansura, La


Witness my hand on this 27th day of May 1904.


Elizabeth Bordelon





-------------------------------------------------------------------------- and Lucas Gaspard residing at Mansura persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who being by me duly sworn, say that they were present and saw Mrs. Elizabeth Bordelon, the claimant, sign her name to the foregoing declaration, and that they verily believe the facts and declaration of said claimant are true and correct, that their acquaintance with her for 50 years and 50 years respectively, justify them in making this statement, and that she is the identical person she represents herself to be, and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

(Pierre Mayeux)

(Luca Gaspard)

The said Pierre Mayeux being a comrade of the soldier.


Sworn to and subscribed before me on this, the 27th of May 1904 and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration were fully made known and explained to applicant and witnesses, and that I have not interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

(J. A. Plauche)

Clerk of Court



The following documents were also provided with the pension application:


State of Louisiana

Parish of Avoyelles


I, (name of pensioner here) , whose Post Office address

Is , do hereby certify that I am the identical person to whom a pension was granted by the Pension Board of the State of Louisiana, as shown by my application finally numbered, ,that my circumstances and physical condition have not materially improved since I obtained the pension, that I now make application for the quarterly allowance for the quarter ending June 30, 1915, amounting to $24.00 and for that purpose I do hereby authorize PAUL CAPDEVIELLE, Auditor of Public Accounts, to forward to me, at the above address, a check to cover said allowance, and this shall be his authority for so doing. (23.75??)


Sworn to and subscribed before me on this

The 10th day of (????) 1915 (signature of )

(signature of) Arthur Escude Alicia Mayeux (her mark)

Notary Public I authorize my wife to sign.

(Signature of) Paul St. Romain




State of Louisiana

Parish of Avoyelles: Before me the undersigned authority, personally came and appeared; Mrs. Angelle Mayeux, wife of Lucas Gaspard; Mrs. Alicia Mayeux, wife of Paul St. Romain; Jules Mayeux; Emmet Mayeux, and Mrs. Loretta Mayeux wife of Emmet P. Roy, who said wives being duly assisted and authorized by their said husbands, who after being duly sworn, declare that they are the heirs and only heirs of their deceased mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Mayeux, who _____ oebsuib bynbered 2617 of the Pension Board of the State of Louisiana, and who died on the 29th day of June, A.D. 1915.


Deponents further declare that they desire to collect the amount of accrued pension due their deceased mother, and they hereby authorize and empower Mrs. Alicia Mayeux, wife of Paul St. Romain, to sign the voucher and receipt for what is due their deceased mother.



Jules V (intelligible)

(intelligible) Lemoine (signature of) Angelle Mayeux (her mark)

I authorize my wife to sign:

(signature of) Lucas Gaspard

(signature of) Alicia Mayeux (her mark)

I authorize my wife to sign:

(signature of) Paul St. Romain

(signature of) Jules (?) Mayeux

(signature of) Emet Mayeux

(signature of) Loretta Mayeux (her mark)

I authorize my wife to sign:

(signature of) E. P. Roy




(signature of) Arthur Escude

Notary Public