Many Louisianians with ties to Pointe Coupee and Avoyelles Parishes, can claim descendency from Rouensa, Chief of the Illiniwek Indian tribe in the late 17th/early 18th century, via his daughter,Marie.

The Illiniwek Indians (aka: Illini) were part of the Algonquin Indian nation that eventually relocated to the vicinity of Fort de Chartres. The following web sites provide many details of the Illiniwek history:

The Kaskaskia Tribe of Illinois
The Illini Confederation: Lords of the Mississippi Valley

Marie Rouensa was born c1677 to Chief Rouensa and an unknown mother. Before 1695, she married Michel Aco/Accault. According to tradition, Michel Aco/Accault was a former companion of Cavelier de la Salle and Henry de Tonty. This marriage produced at least 2 sons: Pierre born in March 1695 and Michel II baptized in February 1702. It is known that Michel Aco/Accault died c1702/1703 because Marie Rouensa married Michel Philippe c1703 in Kaskaskia (Illinois territory).

According to personal notes left by Father Jacques Gravier in 1694, it it obvious that Marie did not want to marry Michel Aco/Accault; she indicated that she had already given "all her heart to God and did not wish to share it". However, she finally gave in to her parents desire that she marry a Frenchmen.

Michel Philippe was "Lieutenant of the Militia at Kaskaskia" and eventually became Captain of that militia. The marriage between Michel Philippe and Marie Rouensa produced at least 7 children before Marie's death on June 25, 1725. An inventory of Marie's estate can be found at the Illinois State Museum web site.

Agnes Philippe, oldest daughter of Marie Rouensa and Michel Philippe was first married to Nicolas Chassin. This marriage produced two children: Charlotte and Madeleine. On July 6, 1737, Agnes married Rene Roy. It is thru this line that many Louisianians are descended.

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