If you obtain a civil marriage record of your ancestor, this list might help you determine the Church at which the religious ceremony took place.

St. Paul's Catholic Church, Mansura, Louisiana
    1796-1798            Father Juan Maguire
    1798-1803            Father Juan Brady
    1803-1804            Father Pastrico Lonnergan
    1806,1812-1813       Father Louis Buhot
    1814-1816            Father Miguel Bernado Barriere
    1818		      Father Francisco Maynes
    1818,1822-1824       Father Flavius Henri Rossi
    1819-1821            Father Marcella Borella
    1824-1832,1837-1840	 Father Jean Emile Martin
    1834,1837            Father Etienne D'Hauw
    1835-1836            Father Louis Alaux
    1840-1843            Father Nicolas Francais
    1843-1844            Father Guillaume Cheutier
    1845-1849            Father Charles Dalloz
    1849-1850            Father Jean Gustave Bellier
    1849-1855            Father Marcella P. Mazerchelli
    1850-1856            Father J. Hyacinthe Tumoine
    1855-1956            Father Jean Marie Beaulieu
    1856-1869            Father Julius Janeau
    1856-1857            Father Mathurin Chopin
    1857                 Father Henri Durand
    1858-1860            Father Theodore August Rebours
    1858-1859            Father Jean Baptiste Mallassagne
    1860-1861            Father N. Levesque
    1865                 Father Jean Batiste Gentile
    1866-1867            Father S. E. Forge
    1866                 Father J. F. LeVezouet
    1869-1906            Father Jean Marie E. Chauvin
    1898-1899            Father Jean Batiste Limagne
    1898-1899            Father A. Blomme
Various Avoyelles Parish Churches
    1896-1898       Moreauville       Father C. R. Arnaud
    1892            Plaucheville      Father C. Brahic
    1898            Moreauville       "      "    "
    1900            Bordelonville     "      "    "
    1884            ?                 Father Ol. Bre'
    1885            Marksville        Father A. Chorin
    1890            Echo              Father James Demoliere
    1893-1900       Cottonport        "      "     "
    1875-1897       Plaucheville      Father Julien L. Gallop
    1894-1905       Marksville        Father Francois Grosse
    1897-1906       Plaucheville      Father Jean Batiste Limagne 
    1906-1910       Marksville        "      "      "
    1890-1893       Cottonport        Father J. Rechatin
    1883-1896       Moreauville       Father P. E. Simon
    1875            Plaucheville      "      "      "
    1899            ?                 Father Dumas
    ?               Marksville        Father E. M. Derivas
    ?               Marksville        Father F. Deceulaer
    1899-1910       Hessmer           Father A. Blomme
    1878            New Orleans**     Father Reynes

    **Vicar General in charge of Diocese during the yellow fever epidemic
General Facts About Avoyelles Parish Catholic Churches

   - The parish known today as "St. Paul the Apostle" was established 
     from a parish originally known as "Our Lady of Mount Carmel".  
     The "Mount Carmel" chapel site was located on the land adjoining
     the present St. Paul Catholic Church Cemetery.
   - Early in 1845, Father Dalloz set about to build a new church at
     Hydropolis.  It became known as "St. Paul the Apostle" (which
     would later be located in downtown Mansura).  Hydropolis was
     located between the present-day Mansura and Marksville.
   - A chapel was established at Marksville in 1825 but a permanent
     church was not established at Marksville until 1867 (the present
     St. Joseph's Church).
   - Toward the end of 1858, a chapel was completed at Moreauville.
     It was known as "Saint Hyacinthe".  It became an independent
     parish in 1860.  The church became known as "Sacred Heart" in
     1882 after the completion of a new parish church.
   - A church called "Church of the Assumption" (Bayou Choupique) was
     the forerunner of the present Mater Dolorosa Church at Plaucheville.
   - St. Peter's Church in Bordelonville was established in 1903.

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