Tenth Generation

1022. Antoine BORDELON I was likely born in early 1732 but a baptismal record has not been located for him. His father does not appear with his mother in the January 1732 New Orleans census which would seem indicate that Anne was pregnant with him by that date (and that Gabriel had died by that date or was possibly living in Natchez - see Gabriel's record for more info). There are four children with Anne in the January 1732 New Orleans Census. I believe that these are her three living children by Nicolas Sarrazin and her first child by Bordelon - Nicolas. If this is accurate, it would confirm that Anne was pregnant with Antoine at the time of the census.1264 He appeared in the census in 1745 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA with his mother and step-father, Jean Stephan dit Roquancourt. Antoine was listed as age 12. Prior to his first marriage to Marie Anne Decuir in April 1759, the couple signed a marriage contract at Pointe Coupée. Antoine gave his wife 1000 livres and the bride's dowry consisted of 2511 livres, 5 sols including a sum of 1247 livres, 5 sols due her from the succession of her father. These were fairly substantial sums for such a young couple. Antoine purchased three arpents of land from 'Sieur and Dame Pierre Le Doux' in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA on 31 July 1767.

At the baptism of his son in 1771, his occupation was listed as Assistant Regimental Adjutant (Aide Major) of the Militia. In the 1783 marriage record of his son, Pierre, he was listed as a "Major in the Pointe Coupee militia". Antoine is considered to be a Revolutionary War patriot by virtue of his service with Galvez in the Pointe Coupée Militia during the American Revolution. In a 6 November 1783 Spanish colonial document entitled "Liste des Officiers de milice du Poste de La Pte. Coupée" signed by Nicolas Delassize, captaine gradué d’infanterie, commandant civil et militaire du poste de la Pointe Coupée, Antoine is listed as a 'Second Adjutant' ("Grade de Sous-lieutenant" which is Second Lieutenant). A date written below his name appears to indicate that he was promoted to Second Adjutant on 12 February 1770. Also on the document, Delassize 'begs S. M. (could this be reference to Esteban Miró - Spanish colonial Governor?) to grant him (referring to Antoine Bordelon) the grade of Lieutenant of the [Pointe Coupée] Militia'. Mostly interestingly, however, the document states the following: "Cet officier a fait la campagne du Baton rouge et depuis cette des natchez." This translates to: "This officer was in the Baton Rouge campaign and since that Natchez." The short Battle of Baton Rouge took place in September 1779 at which time the British surrendered after a fierce three-hour battle. The terms of the British surrender insisted upon by Galvez included the surrender of Fort Panmure - present-day Natchez. This defeat of the British cleared the lower Mississippi River of British forces and put the mighty river totally under allied control. ..... (NOTE: This document also contains the names and ranks of Jean François Allain, père and fils, as well as Augustin Allain. I suspect that the document was initially generated due to the impending retirement of Allain, père, which would have resulted in the need to re-assign those involved in the militia and post leadership positions. The document makes reference to his retirement and "ses grandes infirmitiés" [his great illnesses] and also requests changes to the assignments of the other two men. It is confusing, however, because Allain, père, had actually died in April 1782 - more than a year and a half before this document was signed. I suspect that Allain was preparing to retire but died before the retirement took place and, for some reason, the document was not completed and signed until November 1783. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the three remaining men were likely operating in their new capacities before the promotions were approved.)

Antoine appeared in the census in 1785 at Avoyelles Post in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA. Living with Antoine was his second wife (Marie Marguerite Frederic dite Leonard) and four children. The couple owned three slaves and farmed 50 arpents of land. This is the first major proof of Antoine's presence in Avoyelles. I believe that this 50 arpents of land described in the 1785 Avoyelles Census was actually referring to land granted to Antoine by the Spanish government - likely for Antoine's military service. According to land documents associated with the land claim of his son, François, a land grant of 1000 (square) arpents (50 x 20) was given to Antoine by the Spanish Government. The grant was located in the area of Avoyelles now described as township/range T2NR4E. An 1826 document associated with François' land claim of François Bordelon states that his claim was "...founded on a concession by the Spanish Government upwards of thirty years ago, in favour of Antoine Bordelon, together with occupancy and cultivation over since that time ...". This statement, however, is obviously inaccurate because Antoine Bordelon had died in November 1785 indicating that the concession by the Spanish government to Antoine had likely occurred more than 40 years prior (and this lends credence to the belief that the 50 arpents mentioned in the 1785 Avoyelles Census was, indeed, the Spanish grant). It is interesting to note that the Spanish concession to Bordelon appears to have extended beyond the boundaries of the François Bordelon claim as shown in the early land claim maps of T2NR4E.

(Portion of 1826 land record which mentions Antoine Bordelon's land concession from the Spanish government)

He died on 24 November 1785. The St. Francis Church burial record states that he "mort le veille muni de sacremens" (died the previous evening after having received the sacraments). 1,1265 Antoine's burial was recorded on 25 November 1785 at Pointe Coupee. However, based on the 1785 Avoyelles census, we know that he was living in Avoyelles by that time. An entry found in Corinne Saucier's book, "The History of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana" confirms that Antoine died in Avoyelles: "August 12, 1792. Inventory of Antoine Bordelon: a trunk, a hat, a fine negligee, six and one-half aunes of material, a handkerchief of fine linen, a good linen shirt, and a "ginga" shirt, 9 pair of trousers, both good and bad, a vest, and a 'roupe'. Antoine Bordelon had died at the home of Pierre Mayeux, who had bought medicine for him during his illness and had nursed him. The alcaldes then judged it right to let Mayeux have the articles mentioned above."1,1265 The 1792 inventory, however, was the 2nd inventory of his property. According to De Ville's Book "Pointe Coupée Documents, 1762-1803...", a "inventory and sale in the succession of deceased Antne. Bordelon..." took place there on 23 December 1785. Marie Anne DÉCUIR and Antoine BORDELON I1151,1266 signed a marriage contract on 20 April 1759 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. In the contract, Antoine made a marriage settlement to his future wife in the amount of 1000 livres, the principal of which was to be reserved to any children born of the marriage. The dowry of Marie Anne Decuir consisted of 2511 livres, 5 sols, including the sum of 1247 livres, 5 sols due her from the succession of her father. One-third of the dowry fell into the community while the other two-thirds was to revert to any future children. The couple also agreed to a preciput of 300 livres.1267,1268 They1267,1268 were married on 23 April 1759 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. Marriage date in the "Diocese of Baton Rouge, Catholic Church Records" book (Page 146) is incorrect. It states that marriage date is 23 June 1759 but the marriage took place in April per the original record. This was Marie Anne Decuir's second marriage. Her first marriage was to Louis Lemoine in 1756.1269

(Note: Antoine's 1st marriage was to Marie Anne Decuir on 23 April 1759 (marriage contract dated 20 April 1759) and 2nd marriage was to Marie Marguerite Frédéric dite Leonard on 20 July 1779 (marriage contract dated 17 July 1779). Both marriages took place at Pointe Coupée.)

1023. Marie Anne DÉCUIR was born on 27 November 1740 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1270 She was baptized on 3 December 1740 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1270 She died on 21 December 1778 at the age of 38 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1271 Marie was buried on 22 December 1778 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1272 She had her estate in succession on 30 December 1778 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. In the inventory taken after her death, the couple had 12 arpents bounded by Veuve Guichandac & Baptiste LaCour. Two principle houses on the property were divided into several apartments, cabins, etc. with a total value of 2500 livres. The total value of the entire estate was 9335 livres or piastres. (Note: The source used indicates that the total was 9335 livres on one document and 9335 piastres on another. It is unclear if the error was in the actual document or an error in the source.) On 14 Mar 1782, a sale of goods took place. In addition to a number of slaves (sold for 7341 piastres), a habitation was sold for 1610 piastres. It was described as 8 arpents front by 40 with the principal home 66' long and 28 wide with a kitchen, chicken house, pigeon house, barn, poorly maintained outbuildings, an indigoterie with two sections, a fence and a greenspace. Some of the personal items were a large walnut armoire with decoration and headpiece, mirror and table, china, a vase, a bell of iron, riding equipment, fancy cooking pot, three horses and fourteen pigs.1273

[Note: Marie Anne's first marriage was to Louis Lemoine on 6 July 1756 at Pointe Coupée.]

Marie Anne Décuir's Succession - 30 December 1778 - Pointe Coupée - File 1 of 2

Marie Anne Décuir's Succession - 30 December 1778 - Pointe Coupée - File 2 of 2

Children were:






Marianne BORDELON.


Antoine BORDELON II was born on 14 February 1767 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1274 He was baptized on 29 March 1767 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1274 He was likely the 'Antoine Bordelon' who was a member of the Natchitoches Militia in 1793. He appears to have lived in Natchitoches and also appears to have been involved in a 1795/1796 Natchitoches uprising.



Augustin BORDELON I.


Francois BORDELON was born on 26 February 1771 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1275 He was baptized on 11 March 1771 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1275 He was buried on 19 May 1832 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1276





Hilaire BORDELON was born on 10 December 1777 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1277 He was baptized on 16 January 1778 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1277 War of 1812 Military service: (War of 1812, Private, 16th Regiment (Thompson's), Louisiana Militia) in 1812.1278 He died on 8 August 1839 at the age of 61 in Opelousas (St. Landry Parish), Louisiana, USA.1278