Tenth Generation

570. Simon LACOUR was mentioned n the 1771 Opelousas Census as the "Vacherie of Simon La Cour". It does not specifically indicate that he was present for the census but, instead, mentions Antoine Camoté (age 25) and also mentions "Vacherie of Sr. (or Fr.) Mayeux". In addition, four slaves were enumerated. He also owned 50 cattle and 3 horses as well as an unspecified amount of land "without title". He was buried on 21 July 1776 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1501 On 10 July 1778 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA, the will of he provided letters of emancipation for two of his "natural children". According to the will, Simon "wishes that Nicolas and Genevieve, my natural children, enjoy liberty as soon as feasible". They were described as mixed-race children. He also gave them animals. Jean Baptiste LaCour, Simon's brother, petitioned for their freedom. He also asked for 10 Requiem masses. On 16 July 1779, there was a partition of the property of the deceased Simon LaCour between his widow (Marguerite Frederic) and her children. She stated that she wanted to marry again. According to the original marriage contract that she signed with Simon Lacour on 13 June 1761, she was originally guaranteed 3000 livres 'off the top' of the estate assets but, at the end of this 1770 document, she dropped the request for the 3000 livres. On 27 July 1779, a inventory of his estate took place. The estate included a 15-arpent plantation with a 'commodious' home on the River bordering Guichanduc and Francois Mayeux as well as a second plantation of 14 arpents on the River surrounded by Guillaume LeMoyne and family. The total appraisal of the estate was 10,147 piastres. 1502 Marie Marguerite LEONARD (FRÉDÉRIC dite LEONARD) and Simon LACOUR1266 signed a marriage contract on 13 June 1761. In this contract, Marguerite was identifed as "Perine Frédéric, dau of Frédéric Leonard...".1503 They were married on 16 June 1761 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. She was identified on this record as "Perrine" Leonard rather than Marie Marguerite.1504

571. Marie Marguerite LEONARD (FRÉDÉRIC dite LEONARD) was baptized on 20 February 1746 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA as "Marie Marguerite Leonard".2747 On 20 March 1782 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA, she sold a negress named Junon, a Creole about 25 years of age, from her community with Bordelon to Francois Samson for the price of 600 piastres. According to the sale document, the payment was to be made in installments. The sale was guaranteed and a certificate was provided to the buyer.1505 She was buried on 23 September 1792 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA under the name "Marguerite Frédérick".1506

The family surname is believed to have originally been LEONARD although the surname appears to have slowly migrated to 'Frédéric Leonard' which becomes obvious in the records of Marie Marguerite LEONARD who was often referred to by the surname FRÉDÉRIC dite LEONARD.

[Note: Marguerite was married twice. Her first marriage was to Simon Lacour as outlined above. Her second marriage was to Antoine Bordelon. Antoine Bordelon on 20 July 1779 at Pointe Coupée. The couple had signed a marriage contract there on 17 July 1779.]

Children were:


Félicité LACOUR was born on 19 November 1762 in Louisiana, USA.1507 She was baptized on 3 December 1762 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1507


Nicolas LACOUR was born on 6 March 1764 in Louisiana, USA.1508 He was baptized on 24 March 1764 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1508 He was buried on 16 August 1770 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1509



Adelaide (Perrine) LACOUR.


Marie Clemence LACOUR was born (date unknown).


Modeste LACOUR was born on 1 December 1767 in Louisiana, USA.1510 She was baptized on 25 December 1767 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1510 She died before 10 July 1808 at the age of 40 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA. One this date, she was listed as deceased on the baptismal record of her four-month-old son, Valery.


Marie Marguerite LACOUR was born on 24 November 1769 in Louisiana, USA.1510 She was baptized on 25 December 1769 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1510


Antoine LACOUR was born on 10 July 1772 in Louisiana, USA.1511 He was baptized on 7 November 1772 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1511


Dorothée LACOUR was baptized on 7 August 1775 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1512


Magdelaine Sidonie LACOUR was baptized on 26 November 1776 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1513