Twelfth Generation

2186. Jacques TUILLIER (TULLIER) dit DESVIGNETS was baptized on 23 August 1637 in Le Hommet-d'Arthenay (Manche) (Normandie Region), France.1,1692 (Note: His surname is spelled Tullier on his baptismal record and as Le Tullier on his parent's marriage record. However, it's spelled Tuillier on his marriage record to Jeanne Bernard.) He appeared in the census in 1666 in Canada as a domestic of the Supliciens. He appeared in the census in 1667 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada living in the household the Séminaire de Montréal (founded by Father Gabriel Souart). He was a domestic of the Supliciens. He was listed as age 25 (although he was, actually, 30 years of age). Jacques owned on 1 July 1710. He was buried on 19 August 1710 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.1,2375 Jeanne BERNARD and Jacques TUILLIER (TULLIER) dit DESVIGNETS1385 were married on 29 April 1669 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.1,2376

2187. Jeanne BERNARD was born in about 1651. She was a "King's Daughter". The King's Daughters or "Filles du roi" were a group of approximately 800 young French women who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673 as part of a program by Louis XIV to furnish brides for the male immigrants. They were usually between the age of 12 and 25, had to supply a letter of reference from their parish priest and were provided a dowry by the King. The King also paid for their transport to New France. Most of the women were commoners of humble birth, were held to very high standards and were required to be physically fit enough to survive the hard work demanded of immigrants to the fledgling colony. She came to the New World via the "La Nouvelle France". The 250-ton vessel departed from Dieppe and arrived in Québec on 3 July 1668. The vessel held 81 'Filles du Roi'.1990 She was buried on 22 June 1715 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.1,1960

Children were:


Jean TUILLIER (TULLIER) was baptized on 19 February 1670 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2377


Marie Anne TUILLIER (TULLIER) was baptized on 26 January 1673 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2157


Marie TUILLIER (TULLIER) was baptized on 11 January 1674 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2378


Jeanne TUILLIER (TULLIER) was baptized on 3 January 1676 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2379 She died about 27 January 1727 in Longue-Pointe (Québec Province), Canada. She was buried on 27 January 1727 in Longue-Pointe (Québec Province), Canada.


Elizabeth TUILLIER (TULLIER) was baptized on 26 April 1679 in Canada. She was born about 1679.


Jacques TUILLIER (TULLIER) was born about 1681. He was baptized on 16 August 1681 in Canada. He died about 18 August 1681 at the age of 0 in Canada. Jacques was buried on 18 August 1681 in Canada.



Therese Angelique (Marie) TUILLIER (TULLIER).


Jacques TUILLIER (TULLIER) was born about 1685. He was baptized on 20 October 1685 in Canada.


Nicolas TUILLIER (TULLIER) was baptized on 3 April 1689 in Canada. He was born about 1689.