Twelfth Generation

3312. Pierre GEOFFRION (JOFFRION, GOFFRION) was supposedly born about 1634 in Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendée) (Pays de la Loire Region), France. However, a search of Fontenay-le-Comte and the surrounding areas have not turned up any indication that he was baptized there.1770 He is very possibly the "Pierre Goffrion" who arrived in New France via the 300-ton vessel 'Le Taureau' on 27 July 1663. The ship had departed on 10 May 1663 from La Rochelle under the command of Elie Raimon. Interestingly, however, the words "Aigre en Poitou" are written next to his name indicating his place of origin. Aigre is located in the Department of Charente. Assuming that this is the ancestor of the Louisiana Joffrions, it has always been said that he was from Fontenay-le-Comte in the Department of Vendée. However, I have been unable to find any record of him in Fontenay-le-Comte or other towns in that area. 1995 He appeared in the census in 1667 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada working at the home of Jean Aubuchon, a merchant, and his wife, Marguerite Sedillot, as a domestic. His surname was spelled 'Jofriau' on the document. (Note: There is also a 30-year-old "Pierre Geoforon' living alone in this census.) He died on 17 October 1704 at the age of 70 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.2012 Pierre was buried on 18 October 1704 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2012 Marie BRIAU (PRIAULT) and Pierre GEOFFRION (JOFFRION, GOFFRION)251 were married in 1668 in Canada but a record of their marriage has not been located.

3313. Marie BRIAU (PRIAULT) was born between 1645 and 1649.251 She was a "King's Daughter". The King's Daughters or "Filles du roi" were a group of approximately 800 young French women who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673 as part of a program by Louis XIV to furnish brides for the male immigrants. They were usually between the age of 12 and 25, had to supply a letter of reference from their parish priest and were provided a dowry by the King. The King also paid for their transport to New France. Most of the women were commoners of humble birth, were held to very high standards and were required to be physically fit enough to survive the hard work demanded of immigrants to the fledging colony. She died on 24 February 1699 at the age of 54 at (Died at hospital) in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2013 She was buried on 25 February 1699 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.1,2013

Children were:


Andre JOFFRION was born about 1670 (likely in Verchères) (Québec Province), Canada.





Marie JOFFRION was born on 25 April 1672 in Boucherville (Québec Province), Canada.1,2909 She was baptized on 27 April 1672 in Boucherville (Québec Province), Canada.1,2909 She died on 10 March 1756 at the age of 83. Marie was buried on 11 March 1756 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.


Toussaint JOFFRION was born on 25 December 1675 in Verchères (Québec Province), Canada.1,2904 He was baptized on 14 January 1676 at Sainte-Famille-de-Boucherville in Boucherville (Québec Province), Canada.1,2904


Michel JOFFRION was born on 26 October 1677 in Verchères (Québec Province), Canada.1,2905 He was baptized on 26 October 1677 at Sainte-Famille-de-Boucherville in Boucherville (Québec Province), Canada.1,2905 He died before 1681 at the age of 4.


Françoise JOFFRION was born about 1678 in Canada. She died in March 1740 at the age of 62. She was buried on 26 March 1740 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.


Anne JOFFRION was born on 19 February 1681 in (Québec Province), Canada.1,2906 She was baptized on 9 March 1681 Sainte-Trinité in Contrecœur (Québec Province), Canada.1,2906


Pierre JOFFRION was born on 10 April 1683 in (Québec Province), Canada.1,2907 He was baptized on 20 April 1683 at Sainte-Trinité in Contrecœur (Québec Province), Canada.1,2907 He died on 3 December 1686 at the age of 3 in Contrecœur (Québec Province), Canada. Pierre was buried on 3 December 1686 in Contrecœur (Québec Province), Canada.


Hélène JOFFRION was born on 21 March 1685 in (Québec Province), Canada.1,2908 She was baptized on 28 March 1685 at Sainte-Trinité in Contrecœur (Québec Province), Canada.1,2908