Thirteenth Generation

6630. Augustin HÉBERT dit JOLICOEUR was born in 1623 in Paris (St-Barthélemy) (Paris) (Ile-de-France Region), France.1770 Augustin appears to have been in New France by 1637. Upon arrival, he was a soldier of the garrison at the fort of Québec. However, he was back in France in 1645 where he married and had a child before returning to New France. He died about 23 November 1653 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. According to "The Grande Recrue of 1653", he was a victim of the Iroquois and cites the "Journal des Jésuites" as a source. I was able to find reference in the Jesuit Journal which appears to indicate his death in November 1653 but does not specifically mention that he was killed by the Iroquois. It states "...we received news of the death, or [page 199] capture, or shipwreck, of Jolycour and Aras, inhabitants on Mon[t]real." Adrienne DU VIVIER and Augustin HÉBERT dit JOLICOEUR signed a marriage contract on 13 January in Paris (St-Barthélemy) (Paris) (Ile-de-France Region), France.2815 When their marriage contract was signed, Augustin was living in the "marché neuf". this appears to be a reference to the area around Quai du Marché Neuf on the island of Île-de-la-Cite. The contract also indicates that he lived in the Parish of 'Saint-Germaine'le-Vieil' but this was likely a reference to St-Germain-le-Vieux which was located between Rue de la Calandre and Rue du Marché-Neuf near the entrance to the Petit-Pont on the site of an old baptistery, one of the first of the diocese of Paris, installed near the Seine for (sic) facilitate baptism by imersion in the river according to ancient custom". According to Wikipedia, the church was placed "under the patronage of the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés to allow it to secure its relics on the Île de la Cité after the siege of Paris by the Normans". Therefore it appears to have been a very old church. The church was sold in 1790 and demolished in 1802. Rue de la Calandre on Île de la Cité disappeared during the reconstruction of the building of the Préfecture du Police.

6631. Adrienne DU VIVIER was born about 1626 in Corbeny (Aisne) (Picardie Region), France.1770,1994 She appeared in the census in 1666. She appeared in the census in 1667 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada with her husband, Robert Le Cavelier, and seven children (Leger, Ignace, Magdelaine, Jean Baptiste, Pierre, Louis, Jeanne - the first two of whom were from Adrienne's first marriage to Augustin Hebert). Also living with the family was one domestic servant. The family owned 8 beasts and had 40 arpents of land. Adrienne was buried on 20 October 1706 at Nôtre Dame in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2295

[Note: Adrienne's 2nd marriage was to Robert Cavelier dit Deslauriers whom she married on 19 November 1654 at Nôtre Dame in Montréal. Although many of us are descended from Adrienne and her first marriage to Augustin Hébert, it is important to remember that she was married to Robert Cavelier for almost 45 years. Together they had seven children.]

Children were:



Jeanne HÉBERT.


Pauline HÉBERT was born and baptized on 15 January 1649 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2866 She died on 28 January 1649 and was buried the same day at Notre-Dame in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2867


Leger HÉBERT was born on 19 April 1650 and was baptized on 20 April 1650 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2868


Ignace HÉBERT was baptized on 28 October 1652 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2869 He died on 25 July 1722 and was buried th same day at Sainte-Anne in Varennes (Québec Province), Canada.1,2870