Fourteenth Generation

16368. Simon DÉCUIRE I was born between 1590 and 1603.2442 Per Randy DeCuir in "Albert deCuire Arrives in Louisiana...", Simon I was the Mayor of Macon (Hainaut), Belgium in at least 5 different years: 1652 and 1657 through 1660. He died after 1660 at the age of 70.2442 Jenne LE ROY and Simon DÉCUIRE I1597 were married about 1638 in Macon (Hainaut Province) (Wallonia Region), Belgium2442

[Note: Simon's 1st marriage was to Louise Baivier in about 1621 at Macon. The couple had, at least, five children.]

16369. Jenne LE ROY was possibly born in Baives (Nord) (Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region), France.

Children were:


Jean DÉCUIR was baptized in 1639 in Macon (Hainaut Province) (Wallonia Region), Belgium.2442,1,3251 Even though the year '1638' is written faintly in the very top corner of the baptismal record, the record appears to be from late 1639 (based on order in the sacramental register). However, this cannot be fully confirmed.





Eloi DÉCUIR was baptized on 25 June 1644 in Macon (Hainaut Province) (Wallonia Region), Belgium.2442,1,3252


Nicolas DÉCUIR was baptized on 28 September 1646 in Macon (Hainaut Province) (Wallonia Region), Belgium.2442,1,3253 He died on 7 October 1728 and was buried the following day in Macon (Hainaut Province) (Wallonia Region), Belgium.2442,1,3254


Marie Anne DÉCUIR was baptized on 26 January 1650 in Macon (Hainaut Province) (Wallonia Region), Belgium.2442,1,3255 She died in 1711.2442