Tenth Generation

704. François GUILLORY was baptized on 18 March 1676 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.1,1866 According to "The Guillory Manuscripts 1764-1765-1766-1773" (Winston DeVille), he was "exploring the vast Mississippi Valley probably as early as 1703, perhaps earlier. By the summer of 1706, he was on the payroll at Fort Louis de la Mobile..." Deville also stated that François was at Dauphine Island in 1708 where the son of François and Jeanne Montfort, Joseph Grégoire, was born in 1712. He died between 1722 and 1727 - likely at Dauphine Island.782,3067 Jeanne MONFORT (MONTFORT) and François GUILLORY1867 were likely married about 1710.

705. Jeanne MONFORT (MONTFORT) was baptized on 8 February 1693 in Le Palais (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1692

Children were:



Joseph Gregorie GUILLORY Sr..