Eleventh Generation

1408. Simon GUILLORY was baptized on 16 February 1646 in Blois (St-Sauveur) (Loir-et-Cher) (Centre Region), France.1,782,1770,2149 He came to the New World via/on the "Le Noir".1 Simon appeared in the census in 1666 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada as a 20-year-old domestic engagé living with the infamous Montréal family of Charles Le Moyne. Simon was listed as an arquebusier (gunsmith). Also listed on the census with the family was 4-year-old Pierre Le Moyne, d'Iberville. He appeared in the census in 1667 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. He was still living with the family of Charles Le Moyne and was, once again, listed as age 20. By about 1692, he was at Hudson Bay and likely employed by the Compagnie du Nord. It was there that he, along with other company employees and French soldiers, captured Fort Albany - an English fort. In the year following the capture of the fort, an expected supply ship failed to arrive resulting in the starvation deaths of all but eight of the men at the fort. Simon Guillory was one of the survivors. On 3 March 1693, five of the eight survivors went out hunting for food. While they were gone, Guillory, possibly crazed by his sufferings, shot the surgeon to death after an argument. In a panic, he approached the priest, who was totally unaware of what had taken place, and asked to speak to him in private. The priest, Father Antoine Dalmas, told Guillory that he would have to wait until after mass. It appears that Father Dalmas found out what Simon Guillory had done (Guillory had possibly confessed to him) and the priest begged him to confess his crime before God, ask for forgiveness and make penitence. At that point, Dalmas suggested that Guillory alleviate the anger of the hunters who were soon to return by, perhaps, going to them to confess his crime. Guillory left the fort to locate the hunters but then concluded that Father Dalmas had tried to trick him so he returned to the fort. Armed with an ax and rifle, Simon Guillory fired a shot at Dalmas but missed. Dalmas attempted to escape by jumping on a large piece of ice drift but Guillory stopped him by two blows of the ax resultng in the death of the priest. Guillory then hid the body under the ice until the five hunters returned at which time they placed Guillory in chains. When the English recaptured the fort shortly thereafter, they found Guillory in chains and sent him, as a prisoner, to England. It is unknown what happened to him in England but he was, somehow, able to return to New France.2150 According to an article entitled "17th Century Fur-Trade and Military-Expedition Families" by Diane Wolford Sheppard, Simon GUILLORY was one of a group who travelled to the Great Lakes, Huronia, Hudson Bay, Labrador, or the Mississippi Valley on fur-trading expeditions as well as merchants, and families who travelled to the Great Lakes on military expeditions. He was personally involved in the fur or liquor trade or military expeditions to the Great Lakes. He died before 14 Nov 1695. On that day, tutorship papers were filed by his widow for his minor children. He was listed as deceased on the document.782,1994 It is possible that he died at Sault St. Louis - an Indian Reservation near Montréal. Another name for the reservation was Caughnawaga. Louise BOUCHARD and Simon GUILLORY were married on 6 November 1667 at Nôtre Dame in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2153

1409. Louise BOUCHARD was born in 1647 in Neufchâtel-sur-Aisne (Aisne) (Picardie Region), France.782,1770 She was a "King's Daughter". The King's Daughters or "Filles du roi" were a group of approximately 800 young French women who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673 as part of a program by Louis XIV to furnish brides for the male immigrants. They were usually between the age of 12 and 25, had to supply a letter of reference from their parish priest and were provided a dowry by the King. The King also paid for their transport to New France. Most of the women were commoners of humble birth, were held to very high standards and were required to be physically fit enough to survive the hard work demanded of immigrants to the fledging colony. She came to the New World via/on "Le St. Louis de Dieppe" with approximately 100 engagés and 90 'Filles du Roi'. The vessel arrived in Québec on 25 September 1667.1984 She died on 31 August 1703 at the age of 56 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2154 Louise was buried on 1 September 1703 at L'Eglise des Recollet (Recorded at Notre Dame) in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2154 She had her estate in succession on 9 September 1703 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.1,2155

Children were:


Marie-Francoise GUILLORY died on 25 January 1727 in (Québec Province), Canada.


Guillaume GUILLORY was baptized on 14 April 1670 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2156


Marie GUILLORY was baptized on 27 January 1673 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2157 She was buried on 20 February 1673 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2158


Jeanne-Francoise GUILLORY was baptized on 12 April 1674 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2159 She died on 6 June 1700 in Varennes (Québec Province), Canada.



François GUILLORY.


Simon GUILLORY was born about 1678 in Canada. He was baptized on 12 September 1678 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada. He died on 5 December 1698 at the age of 20 in (Québec Province), Canada.2160 Simon was buried on 6 December 1698 in Montréal (Nôtre Dame)(Québec Province), Canada.2160


Marie-Anne GUILLORY was baptized on 20 June 1680 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. She was born about 1680 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.


Marie-Madeleine GUILLORY was baptized on 15 June 1681 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. She was born about 1681 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. She died on 6 March 1704 at the age of 23 in Lachine (Quebec Province), Canada.


Anne GUILLORY was baptized on 15 June 1681 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. She was buried on 17 June 1681 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. She was born about 1681 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.


Louise GUILLORY was born about 1682 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada. She was baptized on 30 December 1682 in Montréal (Québec Province), Canada.