Tenth Generation

706. Jean LACASSE dit LA DOUCEUR was a soldier in Marchand's Company. He died on 21 June 1726 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA and was buried on 22 June 1726 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1870,1 He was born in Bearn (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) (Aquitaine Region), France. Marie Anne FOURCHÉ and Jean LACASSE dit LA DOUCEUR were likely married between February 1720 and April 1720 due to the fact that their first child was born in January 1721. Marie Anne Fourché and Jean LaCasse dit La Douceur appeared in the census in 1726 in Mobile as 'La Douceur, wife, child'. The fact that only one child was listed seems to indicate that this census was taken at Mobile shortly before the 20 March 1726 birth of Marie Jeanne LaCasse.

707. Marie Anne FOURCHÉ was baptized on 30 June 1689 at Notre Dame Catholic Church in Épernay (Marne) (Grand Est Region), France. 1871,3177,1 On 23 June 1719 in Paris (Paris) (Île-de-France Region), France, a complaint was filed against Marie by her two brothers, Charles and Pierre, due to the 'debauchery and licentiousness of their sister'. Eleven days after her brothers filed a complaint against her, a Lettre de Caché (equivalent to an arrest warrant) was issued against her by order of the King which directed "that the libertine Marie Anne Fourché - known as a public prostitute be arrested and taken to the hospital this 4 July 1719". She was held in La Salpêtrière.3178,1 Despite the fact that an 'Ordre de la transférer en Louisiane' (Order of transfer to Louisiana) was not found for her in the records of the Archives Nationales, it is believed that such as order was issued for her on 6 October 1719 (confirmed via a note on the La Mutine ship list) at which time she was "forced into a chain gang" and "onto a straw-filled cart" along with 155 other women from La Salpêtrière bound for the port of Le Havre in preparation for their forced transfer to La Louisiane.3180 Marie Anne came to the New World via La Mutine. The ship appears to have left Le Havre around 12 December 1719 where it traveled to Port Louis on the western side of France. It left Port Louis around the 19th of the same month, traveled to Saint-Domingue, and arrived at Dauphin Island on 28 February 1720. 3181,1 .........READ MARIE ANNE FOURCHÉ’S STORY ........CLICK HERE........ She appeared in the census on 28 June 1721 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA and was listed as the wife of a soldier. She was identified as "Marianne Foucher". Her husband was not enumerated on the 1721 Mobile census. There were no children living in the household with her which seems to indicate that, at least, her son, Jean-Pierre, born in January of the same year had died at birth or shortly thereafter. On 8 October 1721 at Mobile, she was named as the godmother of an unnamed girl born to Jean Marchand de La Croix and Jeanne Pouillot. Pouillot, who had been branded three times with the fleur de lys, was also aboard La Mutine and had been banished from France by force. Marie and her 2nd husband, Pierre Lorandini, appeared in the 26 November 1763 census at "Habitans dans la Baye" in Mobile. He was identified simply as "Laurendine". Living with him was his wife and his son. Since their son, Jean-Baptiste, did not marry until 1764, it's apparent that this is Laurendine (Lorandini, Lorandine) Sr. and Marie Anne Fourché. The family was living next door to "Guillori", his wife and five children. This was likely Joseph Grégoire Guillory and his wife, Marie Jeanne Lacasse. Lacasse was the daughter of Marie Anne Fourché and her first husband, Jean Lacasse dit La Douceur. Marie Anne Marie Anne was buried on 12 August 1766 at Notre Dame de la Mobile (now Parish of the Immaculate Conception). Her name was recorded in the burial record with her husband's surname rather than her maiden surname as was French tradition/law.3179,1

[Note: Marie Anne's 2nd marriage was to Pierre Lorandini (Lorandine) II on 25 June 1726 at Mobile. The marriage date was erroneously written as 25 June 1720 on the marriage record and erroneously written as 6 June 1726 in "Love's Legacy...". The priest, apparently, forgot to write the last number on the year; he wrote 1720 rather than 1726. At the same time, Vidrine recorded the wrong day of the month in "Love's Legacy...". However, a close examination of the record shows that the record prior to this record is dated 6 June 1726 and the record after this record is dated 26 June 1726 indicating that the year of marriage was 1726. The actual date of the marriage was 25 June 1726 - only four days after the death of Jean LaCasse.]

Children were:


Jean Pierre LACASSE was born on 19 January 1721 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1872 He was baptized on 19 January 1721 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1872


Jacques LACASSE was born on 23 September 1722 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1873 He was baptized on 23 September 1722 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1873



Marie Jeanne LACASSE.