Twelfth Generation

3620. Guillaume PELLERIN died before 12 November 1693. Marie (Jeanne) DURAT (BARAT,BARAK,BARAFE,BARASE) and Guillaume PELLERIN were married.

3621. Marie (Jeanne) DURAT (BARAT,BARAK,BARAFE,BARASE) died about 19 May 1674. She was buried on 19 May 1674 in Mohon (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,2741

Note: the parents of Robert Pellerin are not named on his marriage record and his baptismal record has not been located. However, his marriage record lists the names of two of his brothers, Guillaume and Philippe, and the baptismal records of both of these individuals have been located. Robert Pellerin's name also appears on the marriage record of Philippe.

Children were:


Philippe PELLERIN was born about July 1643. He was baptized on 27 July 1643 in Mohon (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1


Guillaume PELLERIN was born about December 1648. He was baptized on 1 January 1649 in Mohon (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1 He died on 21 December 1716 at the age of 68 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.





Charlotte PELLERIN was born (date unknown).