Twelfth Generation

3068. Johann Adam FOLSE (FOLTZ, VOLZ) was born (date unknown). Anna Elisabeth XX and Johann Adam FOLSE (FOLTZ, VOLZ) were married.

3069. Anna Elisabeth XX was born (date unknown).

NOTE: According to Albert Robichaux's book entitled "German Coast Families: European Origins and Settlement in Colonial Louisiana", it is theorized that Johann Adam Volz was the son of Philipp Volz. Philipp had married Maria Margaretha. Philipp was the son of Petter Voltz and his wife, √Člisabeth.

In 1656, Petter Voltz was a miller at the mill in Hohenecken (Kaiserslautern District) (Rhineland-Palatinate State), Germany. Per Robichaux's book, this was the earliest mention found of the Foltz name. This mill belonged to the winery in Hohenecken and was owned by a noble family of Hohenecken. Ten years later in 1666, Petter was a watchman of the market tower in Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern District) (Rhineland-Palatinate State), Germany. On 10 September, 1666, as a result of his functioning in the capacity of the watchman of the market tower, the court of the city of Lautern gave him a place reside. Lautern is the town now referred to as Kaiserlautern. He and his wife were members of the Luthern Church. In 1700, √Člisabeth was mentioned in the Luthern registers of Kaiserlautern.

Children were:


Johann Ludwig VOLTZ was baptized on 14 December 1693 in Ramstein, (Kaiserslautern District) (Rhineland-Palatinate State), Germany.2011



Joannes Jacobum FOLTZ.


Joannes Conradus FOLTZ was baptized on 19 January 1710 in Kaiserslautern, (Kaiserslautern District) (Rhineland-Palatinate State), Germany.2011