Eleventh Generation

1534. Joannes Jacobum FOLTZ was baptized on 27 January 1697 in Ramstein, (Kaiserslautern District) (Rhineland-Palatinate State), Germany.1,1616 They appeared in the census on 12 November 1724 at German Coast. The census stated that he was a "native of Ramstein in the Palatinate, Roman Catholic, shoemaker; his wife, a child of one year; four arpents of terrain on which he has been since two years; has havested about seven barrels of rice this year in spite of having been ill all summer". According to a petition filed by Jacob Foltz to the Louisiana Superior Council on 12 May 1725, his place had been inundated by the waters of the Mississippi River in the preceding year. Foltz stated that the damage from the floods was so extensive that he was only able to harvest seven barrels of rice after a year's work - leaving his wife, child, and himself in dire need of assistance. Therefore, he was petitioning the Council to advance him some rice so that he could feed his family until the next harvest at which time he promises to pay back the rice advanced to him. A note in the margin of the document indicates that Foltz' prayer was answered the same day. As mentioned in Deiler's book, "The Settlement of the German Coast ...", there was not a single horse on the whole German Coast by 1731 and, by the 1724 Census, only 7 German families even had a cow. Therefore, the human labor required to plow a field and plant a crop was tremendous for one individual. Therefore, the loss of a majority of a crop was devastating. He appeared in the census in 1726 living at the German village on four arpents of land with his wife and child. His name was listed as 'Jacques Forets'. He appeared in the census in 1731 at the German villages. He was listed as 'Jacques Folet' and was living with his wife and 2 children. Joannes was buried on 11 June 1746 at St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery in Destrehan (St. Charles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1734 Anne Catherine BENICH and Joannes Jacobum FOLTZ were married.1735

1535. Anne Catherine BENICH was possibly born in Buchen (Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis District) (Baden-Württemberg State), Germany. She was buried on 17 December 1748 at German Coast in (St. Charles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1736

(Note: Anne Catherine's 2nd marriage was to Christophe (Christof) Oubre (Houbre, Huber) whom she married on 31 January 1747 at St. Charles Borromeo on the German Coast. The couple had signed a marriage contract on 29 January 1747.)

Children were:



Marguerite FOLSE.


Anne Barbe FOLSE was born (date unknown).


Andres FOLSE was born (date unknown).


Jean Baptiste FOLSE was born in 1729. He died on 1 January 1775 at the age of 46 in (St. Charles Parish), Louisiana, USA.


Marie Catherine FOLSE was born on 13 November 1739 in (St. Charles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1737 She was baptized on 15 November 1739 at Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Destrehan (St. Charles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1737