Thirteenth Generation

4606. Nicolas WEYRICH died before 1727. He was born in Lampailz (Lambach), Lorraine, Dio. of Metz, Germany. According to Robichaux's book ("German Coast Families...."), Nicolas (and his 2nd wife) were present at the marriage of his son in Phalsbourg on 23 July 1720 and were included in the party of Mr. Dourner (one of the commissioners of the Compagnie des Indes) who had escorted them there along with other families who had signed to immigrate to Louisiana. Phalsbourg seems to have been a rendezvous point for the trip for those from Germany, eastern France, and Switzerland. Anna Elisabetha LAURIN and Nicolas WEYRICH were married.

[Note: Nicolas' 2nd marriage was to a woman by the name of Annemaria. The couple had one known child who was baptized in 1714.]

4607. Anna Elisabetha LAURIN appears to have died before 1714.

Children were:


Philippus WEYRICH



Anna Maria WEYRICH.


Nicolas WEYRICH II was born (date unknown). He married in Phalsbourg in 1720 while the family was traveling to Lorient on the western coast of France in order to immigrate to Louisiana.