Twelfth Generation

3920. Mathurin (Jean) JOUINEAU (JOUYNEAU) was born about 1599 in La Rochelle (Notre-Dame-de-Cougnes) (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1770 (Note: His name was written as 'Mathurin' on his marriage record to BILLAUD (BILLARD), but he was listed as 'Jean' on the baptismal records of their three children. He also went by the name 'Jean' in New France.) He came to the New World in about 1654. I originally believed that it was likely that he made the decision to move after the death of his first wife, Marie BILLAUD (BILLARD). However, it is likely that Mathurin (Jean) JOUINEAU (JOUYNEAU) married a second time in France after the (assumed) death of BILLAUD (BILLARD). I was able to locate a marriage record dated 26 July 1643 in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) at Sainte-Marguerite between Jean JOUYNEAU and Marguerite BERNARD. The record does not mention, however, that Jean was a widower although it does mention that the bride was a widow (not necessarily unusual). I've found nothing else to positively tie this marriage to JOUINEAU (JOUYNEAU) although I do strongly suspect that it does belong to him - especially due to the fact that the JOUINEAU (JOUYNEAU) surname does not appear frequently in the records of La Rochelle. My suspicion is made stronger by the fact that there is no evidence that Mathurin Jean JOUINEAU (JOUYNEAU) and his first wife, MARIE BILLAUD (BILLARD), had any children after the birth of Andre in 1636. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find her burial record despite an exhaustive search of the burial records in the churches of La Rochelle between 1636 and 1643. I've also not yet found any children born to Mathurin (Jean) JOUINEAU (JOUYNEAU) and Marguerite BERNARD nor a burial record for Marguerite. ... Per "Our French-Canadian Ancestors: On 25 April 1663, he accepted a grant in the seigneury of Sillery. It seems that he did this in order to provide for his grandson, Jean-Pierre....."the old man courageously undertook the clearing of this land. He cleared five arpents of trees, put two and a half arpents in seed condition but, hurried by his neighbors to make a larger clearing and to make a home on the land, as he was required to do by the letter of the concession, and seeing the impossibility of doing this because his son had left him no recourse, he resolved to give up the concession to Louis de Villeray. This he did on 17 April 1667." (Records of Gilles Rageot). In 1664, Mathurin married Anne Videau. She was about 23 years of age; he was about 65. He appeared in the census in 1667 at Côte Saint-François (today Sainte-Foye) near Québec. Mathurin/Jean was listed as 68 years of age and his wife, Anne Videau, was listed as age 25. The couple had a young daughter, 30 arpents of land and also employed a 20-year-old to help cultivate the land and tend to the animals. On 27 June 1669, Jean received another concession in the seigneury of Maure (Saint-Augustine). Mathurin died on 24 June 1672 at the age of 73 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada at the 'hôpital' (hospital). 1,2816 He was buried on 25 June 1672 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada in the "Cimetière des pauvres" (cemetery of the poor) of the hospital.1,2816 The inventory of his estate was taken by Gilles Rageot from 19 to 23 June 1676. His widow, Anne, asked for this legal procedure in anticipation of her forthcoming marriage to Etienne Blanchon. Marie BILLAUD (BILLARD) and Mathurin (Jean) JOUINEAU (JOUYNEAU) were married on 5 February 1629 in La Rochelle (Ste-Marguerite) (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1,2817

[Note: I believe that Mathurin/Jean's 2nd marriage was to Marguerite Bernard as explained above. His 3rd marriage was to Anne Videau de LaGassonnerie on 26 February 1664 at Nôtre Dame in Québec. The couple had signed a marriage contract on 17 February 1664.).]

3921. Marie BILLAUD/BILLARD was born about September 1603. She was baptized on 13 September 1603 in La Rochelle (Ste-Marguerite) (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1,2818 (NOTE: Although the marriage record of Mathurin and Marie does not list the parents of either, I believe that the 1603 record is very likely the baptismal record of THIS Marie Billaud. However, this data cannot be accepted as absolute until further evidence is found. If, however, this baptismal record is accurate, her parents are Jean BILLAUD and Marguerite BONNAULT.) She died before 26 July 1643 - likely in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France based on the fact that her husband remarried on that date. She is also listed as deceased on the marriage record of her eldest son, Pierre, on 30 August 1654. A burial record was not located for her.

Children were:


Pierre JOUINEAU was baptized on 24 September 1629 in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1,2819 He was killed by the Iroquois on 29 March 1655 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.1,2820 He was buried on 30 March 1655 in Québec (Nôtre Dame) (Québec Province), Canada.1,2820



Jean "Pierre" JOUINEAU.


Andre JOUINEAU was born about June 1636. He was baptized on 15 June 1636 in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1,2821