Thirteenth Generation

6080. Gervais NORMAND was baptized on 16 March 1597 in Igé (St-Martin) (Orne) (Normandie Region), France.1,2405,2603 He came to New France about 1647. At that time, he and his half-brother, Jean, were recruited as part of "Les Trente-Six Mois" (The 36 Months) Commission, a group of tradesmen recruited and contracted by the brothers Jean, Noel and Pierre Juchereau to build a seigneury. Gervais and Jean were master carpenters. According to Mark J. Normand in his book "The Normand Family of Louisiana, Volume I", the brothers were issued an official quittance receipt in October 1650 releasing them of their responsibilities to the Juchereau brothers.2604 In Germaine Normand's book "Fonder Foyer en Nouvelle-France", she indicates that a document in the archives of Nôtre-Dame de Québec was found in which members of the Le Normand family "renounced his protestant faith" after moving to New France. This could have been the incentive which initially caused the Normand brothers to make the move to New France. Although they had been baptized in a Catholic Church and appeared to be living the life of a Catholic family until approximately 1641, one must wonder if the family had reluctantly converted to the Protestant religion due to pressure from their peers prior to their resettling in New France c1647. On 17 November 1663, the Fonds Conseil Souverain heard arguments in a dispute between the local butcher, Jacque Boisselle and Gervais Normand over the sale of a cow. The court ruled in favor of Gervais and the butcher was ordered to pay a total in excess of 58 livres to Gervais.2605 He died after 7 September 1665 in (Québec Province), Canada. On this date, he was witness to the marriage of his nephew. However, he apparently died shortly thereafter because he does not appear in the 1666 Census of Quebec.2405,2604 Léonarde JONAULT (JOUAULT) and Gervais NORMAND2405 were married on 3 June 1636 in Igé (St-Martin) (Orne) (Normandie Region), France.1,2606

6081. Léonarde JONAULT (JOUAULT) was born in Igé (St-Martin) (Orne) (Normandie Region), France.1770 Her exact date of death is not known. According to René Jetté and Denis Beauregard (Francogene), it is possible that she was the "Lienarde Le Guay" buried at Quebec on 30 November 1652. However, there are no other identifying characteristics on that document which would prove this.2290

Children were:





Gervais NORMAND was baptized on 2 July 1641 in Igé, (Orne) (Normandie Region), France.1,2607


Marie NORMAND was baptized on 24 February 1650 at Notre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2608 She was buried on 26 February 1650 in Québec (Nôtre Dame) (Québec Province), Canada.2609