Thirteenth Generation

6114. Pierre SALÉ was born (date unknown). Françoise LUPIA/LOUPIAT and Pierre SALÉ signed a marriage contract in Paris (Paris) (Ile-de-France Region), France on 22 January 1646. At the time of their marriage, Pierre was living in the faubourg of Saint-Marcel, parish of Saint-Médard, and Françoise was living on Rue Honoré in the parish of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois.3222 Pierre was a costume jewelry maker to the Palace of Paris as was his father and father-in-law. He was deceased before 4 June 1682 at which time his widow, Françoise, signed a marriage contract with Gabriel Dubourg in Paris.3222

6115. Françoise LUPIA/LOUPIAT was born (date unknown). She signed a marriage contract with Gabriel Dubourg, son of Adrien Dubourg and Marguerite Gautier, in Paris on 4 June 1682. At the time of her 2nd marriage, she was living on Rue de Versailles in the parish of Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet. Two of Françoise's brothers, Guillaume and Louis, as well as her son with Pierre, Claude, served as witnesses.3222

Children were:



Elisabeth \ Isabelle SALÉ\SALLE\LABRE.


Claude SALLÉ was born in France.