Thirteenth Generation

6120. Pierre HARDY was born in 1597 in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France. [There is a Pierre Hardy on the Grande Recrue 1653 list but I do not believe he is that Pierre Hardy.) He died before 21 October 1669 at the age of 72. His son, Jean, married on that date and the marriage record indicated that Pierre was deceased. Isabeau MEHOU (MIHOU) and Pierre HARDY were married on 19 February 1635 in Rouelles (Saint-Julien) (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France.1,2291

6121. Isabeau MEHOU (MIHOU) was baptized on 2 September 1613 in Rouelles (Saint-Julien) (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France.1,2292 She died in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France.

CAUTION: I am concerned that there might be some confusion between two Pierre Hardy's that were in New France at the same time. Based on my research to date, I do not believe that this Pierre Hardy was the 'Pierre Hardy' listed as a member of the Grande Recrue de 1653. In the 1669 marriage record of his son, Jean, this 'Pierre Hardy' is listed as deceased. The 'Pierre Hardy' who was a member of the Grande Recrue was buried in 1681 in Montreal. Also, there is quite a bit of info indicating that this Pierre Hardy is the s/o Thibault Le Hardy and Marguerite De Corroye but I am unable to prove this either via research in the records of France. Therefore... beware.

Children were:


? HARDY was baptized on 19 May 1635 in Rouelles (Saint-Julien) (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France.1





Etiennette HARDY was baptized on 4 March 1644 or 3 April 1644 in Rouelles (Saint-Julien) (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France.


Jeanne HARDY was born on 19 October 1646. She was baptized on 21 October 1646 in Rouelles (Saint-Julien) (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France.1


Guillaume HARDY was born about 1647.


Jacques HARDY was baptized on 31 January 1652 in Le Havre (St-François) (Seine-Maritime) (Normandie Region), France.1