Twelfth Generation

3062. Simon LEFEBVRE II dit ANGERS was born about 1642 in Tracy-le-Val (St-Éloi) (Oise) (Picardie Region), France.2002,1770 He arrived in New France in the summer of 1665 via/on the Saint-Sebastien. He had been recruited to work as house master for the in the household of Comme Maitre d'Hôtel de Tracy. Tracy was Alexandre de Prouville, Marquis de Tracy. In 1664, he had been appointed lieutenant general of the French dominions in the New World. Simon LeFebvre appears to have been part of the entourage that surrounded Tracy and the young nobles who sailed with him. From author Costain ("The White and the Gold", page 253), "Tracy was lodged in a house which had been reserved for court sessions and was called La Sénéchaussée. With him (Tracy) were the Chevalier de Chaumont, who was captain of his guard, and most of the volunteer noblemen; with them the valets and pages and cooks ..." He died on 10 November 1722 at the age of 80 in (Québec Province), Canada.1,2002 Simon was buried on 12 November 1722 at Saint-François-de-Sales in Neuville (Québec Province), Canada. His burial record stated that he and his wife were habitants of Pointe-aux-Trembles.1,2002 Marie Charlotte DE POITIERS dite DU BUISSON and Simon LEFEBVRE II1385 signed a marriage contract on 10 January 1667 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2003 They2003 were married on 11 January 1667 in Québec (Nôtre Dame) (Québec Province), Canada.1,2004

3063. Marie Charlotte DE POITIERS dite DU BUISSON was born in 1641 in Amiens (Somme) (Picardie Region), France.1994 She was a "filles à marier" (marriageable girl) who emigrated to New France representing one quarter of all the single girls arriving in New France through 1673. The "filles à marier" women arrived between 1634 and 1662 and only numbered 262. These young women, often poor, were recruited and chaperoned by religious groups or individuals who had to assure and account for their good conduct. To be considered a "filles à marier", the women must have been between the ages of 12-45, not accompanied by BOTH parents or a husband and must have signed an enlistment contract, one marriage contract or gotten married in the colony. Due to their arrival in the very early stages of the formation of New France, these 262 women played a significant role in populating the colony. Per a 1975 issue of "French Canadian and Acadian Genealogical Review, "...on 12 October 1660, Joseph married Charlotte de Poitiers. Not long afterwards he was captured by the Iroquois, perhaps by the same band who killed his cousin Nicolas Couillard and six other Frenchmen on the Ile d'Orleans in June 1661. A letter written by a companion in captivity states that, wounded in the arm and shoulder, he was given to the Iroquois of Oneida. After the usual tortures, he was finally stabbed to death by drunken members of the tribe. His death was not definitely known in Quebec until the summer of 1662...". On 22 December 1663, a court order was issued to register the marriage contract between dePoitiers and her late husband, Joseph Hebert. She appeared in the census in 1666 in Canada. She was living with the mother and step-father (Noël Morin and Hélène Desportes) of her deceased husband, Joseph Hébert. She was buried on 9 February 1718 at Saint-François-de-Sales in Neuville (Québec Province), Canada. Her burial record indicates she was buried in 1717 but, based on its place in the burial register, she appears to have been buried in 1718.1,2005

[Note: Marie Charlotte's first marriage was to Joseph Hebert I. They signed a marriage contract on 2 May 1660 and were married on 12 October 1660 at Nôtre Dame in Québec.]

Children were:


Louis LEFEBVRE dit ANGERS was born and baptized on 19 October 1667 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada. He died 17 August 1699 at Hôtel-Dieu in Québec and was buried on 21 August 1699 at Neuville.


Marie-Francoise LEFEBVRE was born and baptized 7 October 1669 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada. She died in 1748 at the age of 79 in Canada.


Jean-Baptiste LEFEBVRE dit ANGERS was born on 2 April 1672 and baptized two days later at Québec (Québec Province), Canada. He died in 1742 at the age of 70 in Canada.


Francois LEFEBVRE dit ANGERS and BELLERAN was born 11 August 1674 Petite Rivière St-Charles and was baptized the following day at Québec (Québec Province), Canada. He died in 1750 at the age of 76 in Canada.


Marie-Madeleine LEFEBVRE was born on 21 September 1676 and was baptized 4 December 1676 at Québec (Québec Province), Canada.. She died in 1745 at the age of 69 in Canada.



Marie Charlotte LEFEBVRE.


Antoine LEFEBVRE was born on 4 November 1681 and baptized on 16 November 1681 in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.


Simon-Alexis LEFEBVRE was born on 20 August 1685 and baptized 2 days later in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.