Ninth Generation

458. Jean RICHARD was born about 1697 based on his age in the 1745 Pointe Coupée census. According to Denis Beauregard's site,, Jean (Baptiste) Richard was from from Combourg (Ille-et-Vilaine), France. He, supposedly, married Jean Gauthier before 1730. Only two children have been identified from this marriage so far - Marguerite and Michel. Michel is identified on and, supposedly, married Marie-Angélique Mercier in 1746 at Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud (Québec Province), Canada. However, I've not yet found that record. Saint-Pierre is sometimes listed as St-Pierre_Montmagmy. 1257 Jean (Baptiste) Richard died before 18 March 1749. On that date, his 2nd wife, Marie, remarried at Pointe Coupée.

NOTE: There are several things about this family that I believe are questionable. The info found about the family at regarding their origins at Combourg seem to be in conflict with other sources. Their daughter, Marguerite was, supposedly born in Hannonois, Vivares, France according to her marriage record to Jacques Firmin II dit Ferret in 1764. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find this location in France. In addition, Denis Beauregard's site indicates that there was a son born to the couple named Michel who married Marie-Angélique Mercier at Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud (Québec Province), Canada, in 1746. I have not yet found this record despite attempts to do so. Therefore, please note that much of this family could be inaccurate.

Jeanne GAUTIER and Jean RICHARD were married before 1730 according to

[Note: Jean's 2nd marriage was to Marie LeJarre. He appeared with her in the 1745 census of Pointe Coupée.]

459. Jeanne GAUTIER died before 1740.1714

Children were:



Marguerite RICHARD.