Ninth Generation

492. Jacques Nicholas CHÂTELAIN was cited as a witness to the marriage of François Bauvais and Marie Jeanne Bidaut on 9 September 1760 in Mobile. This citation appears in "Love's Legacy: The Mobile Marriages Recorded in French, Transcribed with Annotated Abstracts in English, 1724-1786", Pge 309, and has a source note that explains that 'Jacques Nicolas Chatelin' is the husband of Marie Anne Moreau. He was buried on 3 March 1763 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1758

(Note: Although it is very possible that Jacques Nicolas Chatelain was the s/o Jacques Chatlin/Chalin & Anne Fanay (and the sister of Marie Therese Chatlin), I have not yet seen anything to confirm this relation.)

(Note: IMPORTANT: I have a 1763 burial date listed above for Jacques Nicolas. However, his youngest son, Claude, was not born until 1766. The baptismal record of Claude clearly states the names of his parents as "Nicolas Chatelain and Anne Moreau". His father is not listed as deceased. Therefore, either the 1763 burial record cited above is not for THIS Jacques Nicolas or Claude's father is not Jacques Nicolas CHÂTELAIN.)

Marie Anne MOREAU and Jacques Nicholas CHÂTELAIN were married.

493. Marie Anne MOREAU was born in Louisiana, USA.

[Note: Marie Anne signed a marriage contract on 12 December 1767 with Pierre (Henri) Metzinger in New Orleans. If they married, this appears to have been her 2nd marriage. On 23 March 1782, she married Augsutin Gamache in Pointe Coupée.]

Children were:


Jacques CHATELAIN was born on 25 February 1755 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.1759 He was baptized on 26 February 1755 at St. Louis Church/Catheral in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.1759


Marie Anne CHATELAIN was born about 30 June 1756 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.1759 She was baptized on 2 July 1756 at St. Louis Church/Catheral in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.1759


(Jacques) Nicolas CHATELAIN II was born on 5 September 1759 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.1760 He was baptized on 18 September 1759 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.1760 His date of death is still in question. According to Corrine Saucier's book "History of Avoyelles Parish" there is a mention of a document dated 9 September 1795 regarding a suit that was filed which seems to indicate that Chatelain was deceased. However, in Judy Riffel's book entitled "Calendar of the Natchez Trace Collection Provincial & Territorial Documents 1759-1813", it appears that Saucier's interpretation of the document was wrong for these reasons: 1. The document was actually dated 1791 rather than 1795; 2. The name on the document for Elizabeth Malbert's husband was 'Nicolas Rabalais' which was really a reference to Malbert's first husband, Joseph Rablais rather than Nicolas Chatelain. Therefore, a reference to her deceased husband was a reference to Joseph Rabalais. However, at this point, there is still much confusion about the date of Chatelain's death; it is still being investigated.