Tenth Generation

988. René GAUTHIER dit LAFLEUR was born between 1701 and 1710 in Moulines, Rouen, Province of Normandie, France. He came to the New World via/on "La Marie". The ship had embarked from La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) on 27 May 1719. He was listed as an eighteen-year-old solider employed by the Company of the Indies. In addition to being a soldier, he became an interpreter to the Indian nations at Natchitoches.1279 He was buried on 25 April 1758 at St. Francois d'Assisi in Natchitoches (Natchitoches Parish), Louisiana, USA.1280 According to his succession documents, he died on 24 April 1758. His succession was opened on the 25th - the date of his burial.1,2893 Jeanne LAURENT and René GAUTHIER dit LAFLEUR251 were married on 5 November 1742 in Natchitoches (Natchitoches Parish), Louisiana, USA.1281

989. Jeanne LAURENT was born about 1727 in Natchitoches (Natchitoches Parish), Louisiana, USA.1257 She appeared in the census in 1745 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA without her husband (living with her sister, Julienne). She is listed as "Jeanne Laurent, wife of La Fleur of Natchitoches". Her age was listed as 18. On 28 January 1777, the "Widow Hubardeau" (she was the widow of Charles Toussaint Huberdeau) applied for a concession of 3 arpents from the Spanish government. Although it is unknown if the document still exists, it contained the ruling of Governor Galvez. Jeanne died before 11 December 1781 according to a succession document on which she is listed as Dame Widow Huberdeau. The sale of goods from her succession took place on 24 December 1781. According to a synopsis of this document that appears in Laverne Thomas' book "Pointe Coupée Families in Colonial Louisiana: Abstracts of Civil Records, 1771-1782", #1231, it is possible that she died in New Orleans although I've not been able to find a burial record for her. (On 16 September 1782, she was listed as deceased on the succession papers of her husband, Toussaint Huberdeau.) 1282,2889

[Note: Jeanne's 2nd marriage was to Charles Toussaint Huberdeau on 16 November 1761 at Pointe Coupée.]

Children were:


Laurent GAUTHIER was born in Louisiana, USA.


Louise Pelagie GAUTHIER was baptized on 11 May 1747 at St. Francois d'Assisi in Natchitoches (Natchitoches Parish), Louisiana, USA.1283



Guillaume Rene GAUTHIER.


Marie Julienne GAUTHIER was baptized on 12 May 1756 at St. Francois d'Assisi in Natchitoches (Natchitoches Parish), Louisiana, USA.1284