Eleventh Generation

1980. François HENNET dit SANSCHAGRIN was born about 1696 in Switzerland.2053 He appeared in the "Recensement General des Habitations et Habitants de la Colonie de la Louisiane au 1er Janvier 1726 les Illinois" census in Illinois, USA. With Francois is his wife and 2 children (Genevieve and Jacques). On 24 January 1742, he requested that he be granted a tract of land in the prarie of the Apac8ois, for the purpose of maintaining his large family in a manner suitable to one of the first settlers. His request was approved the following day along with permission to dwell there as soon as there were enough settlers for safety. Per "Kaskaskia Manuscripts", he died on 26 December 1746.2053 He had his estate in succession in Fort de Chartres, Illinois, USA. On 9 Feb 1747, an inventory and valuation of his estate took place.2332 (Genevieve) Marie Anne CHARPAIN\CHARPIN and François HENNET dit SANSCHAGRIN were possibly married around 28 March 1721. On this date, there is mention in Illinois of a marriage contract by Francois Henet.2333

1981. (Genevieve) Marie Anne CHARPAIN\CHARPIN died before 15 April 1734. On this date, an inventory was made of her estate.2053,2334 She had her estate in succession on 25 April 1734.2335 She was born in Fort de Chartres, Illinois, USA.

Children were:


Geneviève HENNET was born before 1726.


Jacques HENNET was born before 1726.





Catherine HENNET was baptized on 8 February 1724 at Fort de Chartres in Prairie Du Rocher (Randolph County), Illinois, USA.1


François HENNET II was born (date unknown).


Marianne HENNET was born (date unknown).


Marie Madeleine HENNET purchased six arpents of land from 'Sieur and Dame Deslattes' in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA on 20 January 1768. Marie was referred to as the widow of Michel Jeune. 1602 She also applied for a land grant of 8 arpents from the Spanish government there on 24 January 1777.