Seventh Generation

98. Guillaume Rene GAUTHIER was baptized on 4 January 1750 at St. Francois d'Assisi in Natchitoches (Natchitoches Parish), Louisiana, USA.859 Guillaume's first wife, Elizabeth Hennet, died on 11 March 1791 after almost nineteen years of marriage. On 12 November 1791, he petitioned for an inventory and sale of the property belonging to the community which existed between him and his deceased wife, Elizabeth Hennet. Guillaume was then an inhabitant of False River. There were eight surviving minors listed in the petition. It is possible that he did this in preparation for his second marriage which took place two and one half months later (to Elizabeth Rabalais - widow of Dominique Coco I). In 1795, Guillaume was listed as an inhabitant of Avoyelles, Louisiana, who owned slaves and who contributed to the indemnity to those of the Pointe Coupee whose slaves were executed as a result of the conspiracy of the Negroes in the year 1795. This indemnity fund was established by Spanish Governor General Baron de Carondelet so that slaveholders could be reimbursed for slaves who were sentenced to death, killed in flight or sentenced to the public works. This fund was established in conjunction with new slave control regulation and restricted slave trade after Captain Guillaume Duparc, commandant of the Pointe Coupee Post, learned in April of 1795 of a plot by local slaves to force their masters into giving them their freedom. At that time, Duparc immediately sent out three patrols to arrest the slaves suspected of planning the revolt. Soon afterwards, several negroes and mulattos were arrested and jailed. In all, sixty three persons were implicated and fifteen were hanged. Several others were sentenced to presidio duty or banished from the colony. The slaveholder tax of 1795 imposed a tax of six "escalins" (75 cents) per slave on slaveowners in the Louisiana colony. There was considerable opposition to this tax and many refused to pay it. Guillaume owned 5 male slaves; his tax was three "piastres" and six "reaux". The census of these taxpayers was dated 3-20-1796. Guillaume and his family resided in what is now Mansura (Louisiana). He owned 509.48 acres described as Section 60, Township 1 North, Range 4 East. The tract extended southward from the Bayou Lacombe slough (Mansura) to the Grande Encore Bluff. It is bisected by State Highway 107 (Mansura to Cottonport Highway). This tract was deeded to Dominique Coco II on 3-31-1809 (but was later acquired by Celestin Gauthier - son of Guillaume). On 11 July 1809, Guillaume entered into a contract with Dominique Coco II which provided that Coco would take care of the six minor Gauthier children. It has been suggested that this legal action may have indicated that Guillaume was on his deathbed. However, it is possible that he took this action due to the fact that his second wife, Elizabeth Rabalais, had died some time prior to 10 March of the same year and Guillaume felt a need to ensure that his children would be taken care of in the event of his untimely death. Dominique Coco II was the step-brother of the children of Guillaume Rene Gauthier and Elizabeth Rabalais so he was a logical choice to care for them if they should become orphans. If Guillaume was on his deathbed in 1809, however, he seems to have recovered because he fathered a child with Augustine Juneau in 1814. The couple was not married and this was reflected on the baptismal record of the child. Guillaume Gauthier's name appears in an Avoyelles unlabeled minute book in a section entitled "Docket of Final Judgements." One of the lines has "Pr. Curet vs. Gm. Gauthier, Judgment Folio #11: Stay of Execution until March 1815." He died in the home of Charles Cappel on 15 December 1817 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA. 1,860 Elizabeth RABALAIS and Guillaume Rene GAUTHIER560 were married on 31 January 1792 at Saint Landry Catholic Church in Opelousas (St. Landry Parish), Louisiana, USA.861

[Note: Guillaume was married twice. His first marriage was to Elizabeth Hennet on 2 February 1773 at Pointe Coupée. The couple had signed a marriage contract there on the day before the marriage. His 2nd marriage was to Elizabeth Rabalais (widow of Dominique Coco I) as outlined on this page. After the death of Elizabeth Rabalais, he had a child with Augustine Juneau but there is no evidence indicating that the couple were ever married.]

99. Elizabeth RABALAIS was born on 26 August 1761 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.862 She was baptized on 6 September 1761 at St. François d’Assise Catholic Church & Cemetery in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.862 She died before 10 March 1809 at the age of 47. This is the date of her probate. Also, Volume XV, No. 1 of "Le Raconteur" (April 1995, Page 2) shows that two colonial documents exist in a two-reel collection of miscellaneous colonial documents dated between 1765 and 1810 involving the sale of the estate of Elizabeth Rabalais, wife of Guillaume Gauthier. These two documents in the collection are dated c1810. Guillaume Gauthier was her 2nd husband whom she married in 1792 after the death of Dominique Balduini dit Coco. Also, an inventory of her estate was taken on 12 March 1809. (Note: There is a record in Appendix C, Page 435 of Corinne L. Saucier's book entitled "History of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana" which indicates that a "Sale of Goods, Inventory of William Gauthier, directed by his widow, Elizabeth Rabalais" took place with accounts payable in March 1810 and March 1811. Based on other information discovered and presented here, I believe that Saucier's info is in error and, instead, this document was regarding the sale of goods of the estate of Elizabeth Rabalais.)863,864 Elizabeth had her estate in succession.1,864

[Note: Elizabeth was married twice. The first marriage was to Dominique Balduini dit Coco on 10 August 1784 at Pointe Coupée. Her 2nd marriage was to Guillaume René Gauthier as outlined on this page.]

Children were:


Manette GAUTHIER was born on 20 November 1792 in Louisiana, USA.865 She was baptized on 10 December 1794 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.865 She likely died shortly before 23 April 1863 based on her succession records.



Elizabeth GAUTHIER.


Léon GAUTHIER was born on 5 December 1795 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.866 He was baptized on 20 November 1796 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.866 He was buried on 9 February 1846 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.867


Celestin GAUTHIER I was born on 26 November 1797 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.868 He was baptized on 6 May 1798 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA. He was a twin of Celine.868 He was possibly the "Celittin Gauthier' who was buried on 20 May 1835 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA. His wife remarried on 19 April 1836.869


Celine (Marceline)(Celeste)(Adelaide) GAUTHIER was born on 26 November 1797 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.870 She was baptized on 6 May 1798 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA. She was a twin of Celestin.870 A request for the administration of her succession was filed on 2 April 1856 and notice of her succession was published in The Villager newspaper on 5 April 1856 and 12 April 1856.


Eme' (Aimee) GAUTHIER was born in September 1802 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.871 She was baptized on 3 November 1802 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.871 She died before 15 December 1818. This was the date her husband, Francois, married a 2nd time.