Fourteenth Generation

10574. Jean (Johan) THOMAS dit L'ÉPINE (LE SPINE) died about 21 December 1651.1385 He was buried on 21 December 1651 in Vincennes (Notre-Dame-de-la-Pissotte) (Val-de-Marne) (Ile-de-France Region), France.1,2576 Magdelaine PLATON (PLATEAU) and Jean (Johan) THOMAS were married on 31 January 1627 in Vincennes (Notre-Dame-de-la-Pissotte) (Val-de-Marne) (Ile-de-France Region), France. According to this record, Jean was from the Parish of Berthelt but I've been unable to identify this place. Interestingly, the marriage record indicates that Magdelaine was living at the Château de Vincennes. This was likely due to the fact that her father was a soldier at the Château.1,1692 He was a soldier at the Château de Vincennes. (Note: In the 1630 baptismal record of his daughter, Marie, he was identified as soldat du régiment de garde du roi" (soldier of the regiment of the King's Guard). This would have been under the crown of Louis XIII, "The Just".

10575. Magdelaine PLATON (PLATEAU) ... Although her baptismal record has not been found, I did find a baptismal record dated 1622 in which she is named as godmother. She is listed as "Magdelaine Plateau, d/o Augustin Plateau". Assuming that this is our "Magdelaine", her parents are likely Augustin Plateau and Léonore Collet. I also found the baptismal records of two other children born to this couple. Augustin Plateau was buried on 26 Feb 1637 in Vincennes at Notre-Dame-de-la-Pissotte.

Children were:


Francoise THOMAS was baptized on 6 March 1628 in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne) (Ile-de-France Region), France.1


Marie THOMAS was baptized in January 1630 in Vincennes (Sainte-Chapelle) (Val-de-Marne) (Ile-de-France Region), France. She was baptized at the Royal Chapel of the Château de Vincennes - a privilege usually reserved for nobles. According to Denis (Joseph John) Savard's website, Ancestrologue, there were several acts of baptism which were celebrated in the Chapel with special permission.1