Tenth Generation

804. Michel Charles GOUDEAU/GODEAU was born on 5 March 1713.1,887,1913 He was baptized on 8 March 1713 in La Rochelle (St Barthélémi) (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1,887,1913 He died on 31 December 1764 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.2902 Michel was buried on 1 January 1765 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1639 He was a Surgeon. Marie Thérèse HUCHÉ and Michel Charles GOUDEAU/GODEAU2698 were married on 19 October 1734 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.

805. Marie Thérèse HUCHÉ was born on 7 March 1716 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1683 She was baptized on 8 March 1716 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1683 On 10 August 1766 in New Orleans, Marie Thérèse Huché acknowledged having received from Sr. Lamothe 6104 livres from a judicial sale of the belongings of her deceased husband, Michel Goudeau.

NOTE: The lineage and supporting documents of the Goudeau family is covered in "Long Journey Home: The Ancestry of the Bret, Coco, Drapeau, Goudeau, Gremillon and Tassin Families in France" by Cathy Lemoine Sturgell.

Children were:



Antoine GOUDEAU.


Marie-Josephe GOUDEAU was born (date unknown).


Louise Marguerite GOUDEAU was born (date unknown). She died on 24 April 1794 and was buried the following day at Saint Louis Church (later Cathedral) in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana.


Pierre GOUDEAU I was born about 1750. He died on 19 November 1813 at the age of 63 in Louisiana, USA. He was a Surgeon.


Thérèse GOUDEAU died on 14 January 1766 in Kaskaskia (Randolph County), Illinois, USA.1914