Eleventh Generation

1810. Robert PELLERIN was born about 1649 in France.1693 He was buried on 12 February 1689 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,1692 Élisabeth FOULON and Robert PELLERIN1693 were married on 19 March 1676 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,2742

1811. Élisabeth FOULON was born on 30 June 1660 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1692,1693 She was buried on 29 May 1720 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,1692

Children were:


Gérard PELLERIN was born on 9 December 1676 and baptized the same day at Église Saint-Lié in Mohon (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1 He came to the New World via Le Comte de Toulouse which set sail from La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), France. On a ship list dated 15 November 1718, he was shown as a concessionaire. Traveling with him was his first wife (Catherine Angélique Le Cozic/Le Cosier/Le Cozique whom he had married on 20 October 1707 at Église Notre-Dame-de-Paradis in Hennebont (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France), one son, as well as two nephews - Noël Soileau and Pierre Gueho. Also traveling with them were Louis Bourbon dit Ossement and his wife as well as three three servants. Gérard arrived in Louisiana on 15 March 1719 according to a letter Pellerin wrote to his cousin. This letter was found in the records of Paris by Professor Dianne Guenin-Lelle (a direct-descendant of Gérard), and I was lucky enough that she shared the transcription of the letter with me. The letter was dated 1 August 1720 and was written at New Biloxi. Gérard died on 8 April 1737 at the age of 60 and was buried the following day in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.



Élisabeth PELLERIN.


Marie PELLERIN was born (date unknown).