Twelfth Generation

3622. Milet FOULON died before 19 March 1676.

3623. Jeanne LE SERE was born (date unknown).

CAUTION: According to the 1660 baptismal record located for Elisabeth Foulon, her parents are "Millet Foulon and Jeanne LeSeb/LeLeb" although I am not yet convinced that this is the correct baptismal record for this Elisabeth Foulon. At the same time, the marriage record of Robert Pellerin and Elisabeth Foulon states the presence of "Jacquette Taton veuve de feu Foulon" which might indicate that Jacquette Taton (possibly Paton) had been the wife of Elisabeth's father. The term 'la mere' (her mother) does appear on the document but it's not actually associated with Jacquette Taton's name. Very confusing so I consider this unsolved.

Children were:



Élisabeth FOULON.