Thirteenth Generation

7750. There is a burial record at Chapelle-du-Bois (Sarthe) that appears to be for a "Marin Tuvache" dated 25 March 1650. There was a dramatic increase in burials that year. The burial record is hard to read and does not contain any identifying info.887 Marin TUVACHE887 was born (date unknown).887 Anthoinette COURONNE and Marin TUVACHE were married.887

[Note: Marin's 2nd marriage was to Magdelaine Fradet on 28 June 1632 at Bellou-le-Trichard (Orne).]

7751. Anthoinette COURONNE was buried on 19 September 1631 in Bellou-le-Trichard (Orne) (Normandie Region), France.1,2653

Children were:





Marin AUVACHE/TUVACHE was baptized in April 1625 in Bellou-le-Trichard (Orne) (Normandie Region), France.1,887