Eleventh Generation

1148. Pierre DUCÔTÉ I dit COUREUR (COUVREUR) was born about 1691 in Flanders (Nord) (Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region), France.52 He possibly appeared in the census in 1726. There is a mention of a "Le Couvreur" in the 1726 Census living in a place called 'Yasous' with Etienne Pinnalain. However, I'm unable to confirm if this is actually Pierre Ducote. There is a Pierre Couvreur on a ship roster listed as a "Worker for the Concession of M. Le Blanc and the Marquis Dasfeld"... Dated 11 August 1720 "List of Company Officials and Workers for the Concession of Marquis Dancenis Embarked on the Seine Bound for Louisiana from Lorient". He is listed as a "Miner. Wife & 1 child". This appears in Volume I, Page 107 of Conrad's "First Families of Louisiana". He appears in the 1745 Pointe Coupee Census with her (no children listed). Marie died in 1747 and her name is listed as Antoinette in her burial record. He took an Oath of Allegiance to Spain on 10 September 1769 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. Although Spain had taken control of Louisiana in 1766, the French administration was not removed immediately. The oath was ordered by Governor Don Alexander O'Reilly on 18 August 1769 - immediately after he took office. Based on entries in Winston DeVille's "Pointe Coupee Documents, 1762-1803: A Calendar of Civil Records for the Province of Louisiana", it is now believed that Pierre most likely died in October / November 1775. (Documents: 15 Nov 1775-Inventory of deceased Pierre Ducôté dit Coureur; 5 Dec 1775-Auction of the effects of Sieur Ducôté dit Coureur; 13 December 1775-Adjudication of the land of Sieur Ducôté dit Coureur; 15 Dec 1775-Transactions between the Coureur heirs and the widow.) (Note: He was a witness at the marriage of his son, Pierre, in 1773 but his wife is listed as the widow of Pierre Ducôté in September 1777 at the time of her death.) Anna Magdalena GABEL (CABLE) and Pierre DUCÔTÉ I dit COUREUR (COUVREUR)1266 were married on 23 January 1749 in (St. Charles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1476 They1476 appeared in the census in 1766.


1149. Although Anna Magdalena GABEL (CABLE) was likely born shortly before her baptism in 1713, she was listed as 15 years of age in the 1724 census indicating that her year of birth was 1709.1257 She was baptized on 22 April 1713 in Obergimpern (Heilbronn District) (Baden-Württemberg State), Germany. Her name at baptism was Anna Magdalena Gabel but she was usually referred to as Marie Magdeleine Cable/Cabel/Kabel in Louisiana records.1,1477 She came to the New World via/on "Les Deux Freres" in 1720. Anna was buried in September 1777 at St. François d’Assise Catholic Church & Cemetery in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. According to her succession papers, she died at the home of her son, Pierre.1478 She had her estate in succession on 21 November 1777 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1479

[Note: Anna Magdalena was married three times. Her first marriage was to Pierre Olivio dit Marschal on 27 August 1726 in New Orleans. She signed a marriage contract with Jacques Cure on 30 April 1744 at Natchez and it was registered before the Superior Council on 2 December 1744. Cure was a resident of Natchez. Her third marriage was to Pierre as outlined above.]

Children were:


Marie Magdeleine DUCOTE was born on 18 February 1750 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1480 She was baptized on 8 March 1750 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1480 She was buried in 1824 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA. The burial record only contains the year of death but not the month/date.1481