Twelfth Generation

2298. Johann Leonhardus GABEL (CABLE) was born about 1676 in Germany?.1616 He died on 23 September 1720 at the age of 44 in Lorient (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France while awaiting passage to Louisiana.1,1772,1773 He was buried on 24 September 1720 in Lorient (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1616,1773 Catherine WOLFF (WOLFFIN) and Johann Leonhardus GABEL (CABLE) were married on 4 June 1712 in Obergimpern (Heilbronn District) (Baden-Württemberg State), Germany.1,1774

[Note: Johann's 1st marriage was to Agnès Danbacher on 25 May 1706 in Obergimpern (Heilbronn District) (Baden-Württemberg State), Germany.]

2299. Catherine WOLFF (WOLFFIN) was born in the Swabia region in Germany.1774 She left for the New World via/on "Les Deux Freres" in November 1720. Her husband had died at Lorient less than two months before she and her children departed for Louisiana. The ship arrived at Ship Island on 1 March 1721. Explorer Jean Baptiste Bénard la Harpe stated in his journal, "Journal Historique de l’Etablissement des Français à la Louisiane", that only 40 passengers survived the trip to La Louisiane. Another source, however, reported that 150 passengers arrived at Ship Island, including the remainder of Meveilleux's company. According to Albert Robichaux in his book entitled ""German Coast Families, European Origins and Settlement in Colonial Louisiana", the mortality rate can be estimated to have been between 58 and 85 percent based on those two figures. She appeared in the German Coast census in 1724 living with her new husband, Andre Schanz (Schantz). In the household was also a nursing infant and Schanz' 15-year-old-stepdaughter (Marie Magdeleine). He was described as being 25 years of age, native of Hochausen in Franconia and a miller by occupation. The family had an arpent and 1/2 of land, he had harvested eight barrels equally of rice and corn, had a cow 'from the company' and a calf of eight days, two small pigs and a mature sow. He was described as being 'well lodged' and a 'good subject'. Catherine died after 3 June 1752. On this date, she was involved in a sale with her husband, Andre Schantz.1775

[Note: Catherine's 2nd marriage took place between 1721 and 1723 to Johann Andreas Schantz.]

Children were:



Anna Magdalena GABEL (CABLE).


Joannes Michael GABEL was baptized on 10 February 1715 in Obergimpern (Heilbronn District) (Baden-Württemberg State), Germany.1776


Anna Maria GABEL was baptized on 12 May 1717 in Obergimpern (Heilbronn District) (Baden-Württemberg State), Germany.1776


Joannes Adamus GABEL was baptized on 28 August 1719 in Obergimpern (Heilbronn District) (Baden-Württemberg State), Germany.1776