Twelfth Generation

4090. Jean Baptiste Ambroise ROLAND was born (date unknown). Jeanne Françoise LUCAS and Jean Baptiste Ambroise ROLAND were married.

[Note: According to a complaint filed by Jean Baptiste Ambroise Roland against his daughter in 1719 (below), Jean Baptiste's first marriage was to Jeanne Françoise Lucas. It appears that his 2nd marriage was to Jeanne Bonnet and Bonnet was the step-mother of Anne.]

4091. Jeanne Françoise LUCAS was born (date unknown).

Children were:



Anne Françoise ROLAND - marriage to Bordelon. ..Or click here for 2nd page for Anne in her marriage to Jean Stephan dit Roquancourt)

NOTE: In a Paris document dated 13 Feb 1719 filed before 'Claude De La Vergee, King's councilor commissioner at the Chastelet of Paris, Ambroise Jean Baptiste Rolland, Commis (bookkeeper, clerk, shop-assistant?) for the fresh fish sellers of Paris', the father of Anne Françoise Rolland/Roland outlined a complaint about the behavior of his daughter, Anne Françoise. In the document, Anne's father states that her mother was his first wife, Jeanne Françoise Lucas. Therefore, it is possible that Jeanne Bonnet, often thought to be the mother of Anne Françoise, was actually her stepmother. The document also identifies the brother of Jeanne Françoise Lucas as Nicolas and the brother of Ambroise Jean Baptiste Rolland as Jacques Rolland. Articles about this document and a translation of the document can be found in The Louisiana Genealogical Register, Volume XXVII, #2, 1980 and the Attakapas Gazette, Volume XV, Winter 1980, Number 4. Here is the translation of the 1719 document (Original Document: Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal, Archives de la Bastille, no. 10, 673).

My Lord,

Ambroise-Jean-Baptiste Rolland, clerk in the office of the fishmongers, presents to you most humbly, as do the close relatives of Anne-Françoise Rolland, approximately twenty-two years old, daughter of the petitioner and his deceased wife, Jeanne Catherine Lucas, her mother, that despite his efforts to give her a good upbringing, the said Rolland, her father, had the sorrow of failing. On the contrary, this girl has since her tenderest youth showed every sign of a bad inclination. Though not wealthy, her father tried to prevent the disastrous consequences of her bad disposition. He made an effort and placed her in a convent that she might learn her religious duties and reform her bad habits. In the said convent she remained two and a half years. Her father took her out at age seventeen and placed her with a dressmaker that she might learn the trade. The girl did not do so but, on the contrary, became more set in her bad inclination as she got older. Despising her father's remonstrance, she has finally given herself over to such libertine ways that she brings dishonor to her family, as you can see, My Lord, by the petition of her relative sworn before commissary La Vergee; and by the affidavit obtained from the pastor of St. Germain Auxerrois, the parish in which she lives as does her father. Upon which, the said Rolland, her father, and her relatives most humbly beg you, My Lord, to remedy the situation according to your equity and justice, as they will pray God for your health and prosperity. Introduction Letter


On the afternoon of the 13th of the present month of February, of the year 1719, appear in our townhouse, before us Claude de La Vergtle, councillor commissary of the Paris Chatelet, appeared Ambroise-Jean-Baptiste Rolland, clerk of the fishmongers of Paris ; Nicolas Lucas, certified scrivener of Paris; and Jacques Rolland, tinsmith, also of Paris. Together they complained about Anne-Françoise Rolland, a girl of twenty-two or more years of age. They stated they knew that Sieur Ambroise-Jean-Baptiste Rolland was the father of the said girl whom he had from a first marriage to Jeanne-Catherine Lucas, her mother; that at all time he had taken all imaginable pains for the instruction and upbringing of the said Rolland, his daughter, that he had almost never let her out of his sight; but despite all his care, he little by little discovered that she inclined to bad ways and that her morals were becoming loose. That happened despite his many reprimands accompanied by kindness or severity depending on the circumstances, reprimands which the said Rolland, his daughter, disregarded, persisting daily in her errors, even increasing her bad inclination as she grew in age. The petitioner had the sorrow of seeing that whatever wise precautions he took, his daughter left the house, sleeping out several times. This happened frequently last year without the petitioner knowing or discovering where she was going or whom she saw. This scandalous life was bringing dishonor upon the petitioner and his family, but the said daughter, not satisfied with the scandal and affront she had caused, has this year doubled her debauchery, sleeping out more frequently, even choosing feast days for her debauchery, despite the reprimands and punishments of the petitioner. This made him seek more accurate information about his daughter, and he learned that the said daughter went to public dance halls where she picked up lackeys and others of the same type with whom she went to wine shops. Notably, the day of Candlemas, his daughter having left the house at nine in the morning did not return till nine at night. When she knocked, the door was opened for her by the wife of the petitioner, her stepmother, who had been waiting for her, very worried considering the hour. The lady was amazed to find her with three men, one of whom told her; "Get back into your brothel. It is open." This shocked the said wife of the petitioner so much that she became sick.

On Sunday, 5th of the present month, the petitioner reprimanded his said daughter again about her bad conduct and her disorderly behavior and tried to stay with her the entire day. That evening, around four or five o'clock, the said daughter escaped from his watch under the pretext of going to the bathroom. She left the house and did not return until ten o'clock that night. She did the same thing again yesterday and has not yet returned. This conduct is so horrible and scandalous as far as all the disorders which have come to the knowledge of Nicolas Lucas, her maternal uncle and tutor, and of Jacques Rolland, her paternal uncle, that they have joined with the petitioner to present this complaint, requesting conjointly redress against the said Rolland girl to make her listen to reason and to use against her all proper and reasonable means. They have signed in our [presence].....De La Vergee Complaint Page 1, Complaint Page 2, Complaint Page 3


I, undersigned priest, pastor of St. Germain l' Auxerrois, certify that I have often heard complaints of the bad conduct of Anne-Françoise Rolland, my parishioner; that she has been reprimanded and advised in vain until now and that it would be for her to be imprisoned.

Done in Paris, February 15, 1719

Labru Priest Affidavit


Ambroise-lean-Baptiste Rolland, clerk of the fishmongers, asks that Anne Françoise Rolland, his daughter, age twenty-two, be imprisoned in the hospital as punishment. He offers to pay 100 livres for her board. This girl has given herself over to debauchery and libertine ways despite the care her father took in bringing her up. She has refused to listen to reprimands, which made her relatives decide to bring a complaint before Commissaire La Vergee and to petition for her punishment.

This complaint and the affidavit of the pastor of St. Germain l'Auxerrois certify sufficiently the bad behavior of that girl, and I think that it is as charitable as it is just to grant this family the order they request to have her imprisoned in the hospital. Father's Request



Order of the King

The intention of His Highness, the Duke of Orleans, is that the said Françoise Rolland, known to be libertine, be arrested and taken to the hospital where her family will pay 100 livres for her board.

February 25, 1719.


[Illegible signature)

I have sent the original to M. de Maurepas this February 26,1719.

[Illegible signature) Order of the King (Lettre de Cachet)



I have the honor of informing you that I have arrested and taken to the hospital the said Anne-Françoise Rolland, following the King's order, dated February 28, which you have had the goodness of entrusting to me. I am most respectfully


Your most humble and obedient servant


March 1, 1719