Twelfth Generation

2498. Guillaume LELIÈVRE was born between 1607 and 1616 in Honfleur (St-Léonard) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.1770 It appears that he came to the New World between 1656 and June 1659. Although Guillaume signed a marriage contract with Marguerite Meillet on 21 August 1660, it appears, however, that the couple never married because Marguerite died two days later by drowning and was buried the day after her death at Notre-Dame-de-Québec. There is no mention of Guillaume on her burial record but, instead, there is a notation on the side of the record that says "Veuve Bringodin". He appeared in the census in 1666 in Beaupre (Québec Province), Canada as a 'worker'. He age was listed as 50 years. Guillaume died after 10 February 1669 in Ile d'Orleans (Quebec Province), Canada.1385 Judith RIQUIER and Guillaume LELIÈVRE1385 were possibly married but were definitely not married in February 1634 when their daughter, Jeanne, was baptized. Her baptismal record indicates that she was a "bastarde" (child born out of wedlock).

2499. Judith RIQUIER died in France.

Children were: