Twelfth Generation

2508. Étienne BAZIN was likely born before 1620 in (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France. He died before 1656 (he was listed as deceased on the February 1656 marriage record of his daughter, Françoise).2928 Marthe RAINVILLE (de) and Étienne BAZIN were married before 1637 in Touques (St-Thomas) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.1770

NOTE: Although the name of Étienne parents are not known, he did have a brother named Nicolas. Nicolas is identified as the uncle of Étienne's son, Thomas, in the 1670 marriage record of Thomas.

2509. Marthe RAINVILLE (de) was born in Touques (St-Thomas) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.

Children were:


Marthe BAZIN was baptized on 12 March 1637 in Touques (St-Thomas) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.2929,1


Jean BAZIN was baptized on 12 December 1638 in Touques (St-Thomas) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.2930,1


Thomas BAZIN was likely born about 1645 in Touques (St-Thomas) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France based on his age at the time of his 1670 marriage.



Pierre Marie BAZIN.


Saincte (Sainte) BAZIN was baptized on 3 June 1649 in Touques (St-Thomas) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.2931,1


Marguerite BAZIN was baptized on 3 March 1653 in Touques (St-Thomas) (Calvados) (Normandie Region), France.2932,1


Francoise BAZIN was born (date unknown).


Andre BAZIN died on 29 June 1654. He was buried on 30 June 1654 at Nôtre Dame in Québec (Québec Province), Canada.2933,1