The Carignan-Salières Regiment

The Carignan-Salières Regiment was a French military unit consisting of approximately 1200 men who arrived in New France between June and September 1665 to combat the devastating attacks of the Iroquois. By November of 1665, the Regiment had built a chain of forts along the Richelieu River which blocked the primary invasion route. In February 1666, approximately 600 of the troops mounted the first of two attacks against the Iroquois and, although little harm was done to the enemy, about 60 of the French died due to the harsh conditions. In September of the same year, they attacked the Iroquois a second time but found the villages deserted. It was later determined that many of the Iroquois had died during a smallpox epidemic. The Regiment burned the villages and surrounding fields.

In mid 1667, a peace agreement was reached with the Iroquois. The Regiment was called back to France in 1668 but over 400 remained behind to settle in Canada. Many married the King's Daughter's (Filles du Roi).


List from La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan
Régiment Carignan-Salière

Roll of soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment who elected to remain in Canada in 1668:

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List of the Carignan Soldiers From Which I'm Descended:

BLUBAL" André Berza/Barsa/Breza
BLUBAL" Étienne Blanchon dit LaRose
BLUBAL" Jean-Jacques Jacquet de Gerlaise
BLUBAL" Michel Roy dit Châtellerault
BLUBAL" René Sauvageau dit Maisonnveuve

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