Research book suggestions below.  There are many other great books out there so be sure to check out a good genealogical library!!

- "Archdiocese of New Orleans, Sacramental Records, Volume I begins 1718 (Own Volumes 1-16 covering period to 1825)(LIGHT BLUE BOOKS) - "Louisiana Marriage Contracts 1725-1758" Forsyth/Pleasonton - "Louisiana Marriage Contracts Volume I, 1728-1769" Forsyth - "Colonial Louisiana Marriage Contracts, Volume III & Volume IV" - De Ville - "Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana 1699-1732" - Maudell - "First Families of Louisiana, Volumes I and II" Conrad - "Louisiana Soldiers in the American Revolution" De Ville - "French Troops in the Mississippi Valley and on the Gulf Coast 1745" De Ville - "Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units 1861-1865" Bergeron - "Calendar of the Natchez Trace Collection Provincial & Territorial Documents 1759-1813" Riffel - Province of Louisiana during the American Revolution" De Ville - Black Books - French and Spanish Colonial Periods - Louisiana Superior Council - "Papeles Procedentes De Cuba" - Hill - "Gulf Coast Colonials - A Compendium of French Families in Early Eighteenth Century Louisiana" - De Ville - "The New Orleans French 1720-1733" - De Ville - "Louisiana Historical Quarterly - Volumes 1-40" - Louisiana Historical Society - "Diocese of Baton Rouge, Catholic Church Records" Volume I begins 1707 (Own Volumes 1-9 covering period to 1862)(RED BOOKS) - "Census of Pointe Coupee Louisiana 1745" Barron - "History of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana" Riffel - "Pointe Coupee Families in Colonial Louisiana: Abstracts of Civil Records, 1771-1782" - Thomas - "Pointe Coupee Documents, 1762-1803: A Calendar of Civil Records for the Province of Louisiana" De Ville - "Pointe Coupee Patriots - 1777 Pointe Coupee Militia: Louisiana's Forgotten Soldiers of the Am. Revolution" - Decuir - "Slaves and Masters of Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, A Calendar of Civil Records, 1762-1823" De Ville - "The Sainte Catherine Colonists, 1719-1720, Early Settlers of Natchez and Pointe Coupee in the French Province of Louisiana" De Ville - "St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Early Baptism Records, Volumes 1-7, Avoyelles Parish" Covers period 1796-1872 - "St. Paul's, Mansura, Louisiana, Baptisms 1872-1887" - "St. Paul's, Mansura, Louisiana, Baptisms 1888-1896" - "St. Paul's, Mansura, Louisiana, Baptisms 1897-1905" - "Bride's Book of Avoyelles Parish, Volume I, 1808-1855" Lacour - "Bride's Book of Avoyelles Parish, Volume II, 1856-1880" Lacour - "Bride's Book of Avoyelles Parish, Volume III, 1881-1899" Lacour - "Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records, 1899-1902" Dauzat - "Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records, 1903-1908" Dauzat - "Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records, 1908-1912" Dauzat - "Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records, 1910-1919" Dauzat - "Avoyelleans of Yesteryear" Lacour - "St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Early Marriage Records, 1806-1830, Avoyelles Parish" - "Some Early Families of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, Volumes I and II" Gremillion - "Commentaries on some Avoyelles Families" Gremillion - "St. Paul's Catholic Church, Mansura, Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Death Register of the Parish Church Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel of Avoyelles, 1824-1850" - "Burial Register of St. Paul's, Church, Mansura, Louisiana, Parish of Avoyelles, Entries Recorded April 1850 - December 1859" - "St. Paul's, Church of Avoyelles, Register of Burials, Entries Recorded 1860-1869" - "Avoyelles Parish, St. Paul's, Mansura, Louisiana, Burial Register, 1870-1885" - "Avoyelles Parish, St. Paul's, Mansura, Louisiana, Burial Register, 1886-1905 - "Step Softly A Dream Lies Buried Here, Book III, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Louisiana" Cemetery records / Chenevert - "Mater Dolorosa Catholic Cemetery, Plaucheville, Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish" Cemetery Records / Chenevert - "St. Joseph Cemetery #1, Old Section, Marksville, Louisiana" DeCuir - "St. Mary's Assumption Catholic Church Cemetery, Cottonport, LA #1" Chenevert - "St. Peter's Catholic Church, Bordelonville, La., Marriages 1903-1997" Lemoine Jackson - "St. Michael Catholic Church, Rexmere, Louisiana 1963-1983, Baptisms, Funerals and Marriages" Lemoine Jackson - "1850 Avoyelles Parish Louisiana Census: Transcription and Biographical Information" Daigrepont Bierniat - “1860 Avoyelles Parish Louisiana Census – Transcription and Biographical Information: The Uncovered Truth of the 1860 Census” – Daigrepont Bierniat - "Calendar of Louisiana Colonial Documents, Volume I, Avoyelles Parish, 1786-1803" - De Ville - "Avoyelleans at The Battle of New Orleans and in the War of 1812" – DeCuir - "Civil War Portraits of Avoyelles" - DeCuir - "Avoyelles Confederates Bring the War Home" - DeCuir - "Avoyelleans in the First World War: The French speaking soldiers who helped save their ancestral land" - DeCuir - "Men and Women from WWII from Avoyelles Parish" - "History of Avoyelles Parish" - Corrine Saucier - "Southwest Louisiana Records, Various Volumes" Volume IA begins 1750 / Hebert (Own Volumes 1A, 1B and 2A covering period to 1818; also Volumes 1, 2, and 3 covering 1756-1840, Volumes 4 & 5 covering 1841-1855)(DARK BLUE BOOKS) - "Attakapas Post: The Census of 1771" De Ville - "Land Records of the Attakapas District, Volume I, The Attakapas Domesday Book" Conrad - "Records of the Attakapas District, Louisiana, 1739-1811" Sanders - "Attakapas Gazette 1966-1994" - "Opelousas Post: The Census of 1771" De Ville - "Southwest Louisiana Families in 1777: Census Records of Attakapas and Opelousas Posts" De Ville - "The Opelousas Post, 1764-1789: Guide to the St. Landry Parish Archives Deposited at Louisiana State Archives" Vidrine - "Calendar of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, Civil Records, Volume I, 1803-1819" - "Calendar of Colonial Documents, Volume 2, St. Landry Parish" - De Ville - "South Louisiana Records, Lafourche-Terrebonne, Volume 1 (1794-1840), Volumes 2 & 3 (1841-1860)" Hebert (MAROON BOOKS) - "The Acadian Coast in 1779, Settlers off Cabanocey and La Fourche in the SpanishProvince of Louisiana during the American Revolution" De Ville - "Saint-Jean-Baptiste des Allemands, Abstracts of the Civil Records of St. John the Baptist Parish to 1803" Conrad - "St. Charles, Abstracts of the Civil Records of St. Charles Parish 1770-1803" Conrad - "German Coast Families, European Origins and Settlement in Colonial Louisiana - Volumes 1 and 2" – Robichaux - "The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana" - Deiler - "The German Coast During the Colonial Era 1722-1803" Blume - "Abstracts of St. John the Baptist Parish Civil Records 1757-1798" Riffel - "Calendar of Louisiana Colonial Documents, St. Charles Parish 1734-1769" - Gianelloni - "Natchitoches, Abstracts of the Catholic Church Registers of the French and Spanish Post of St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches in Louisiana 1729-1803" Mills - "Natchitoches, Translated Abstracts of Register Number Five of the Catholic Church Parish of St. Francois des Natchitoches in Louisiana: 1800-1826" Mills - "Natchitoches Baptisms 1817-1840, Abstracts from Register 6 of St. Francis Catholic Church, Natchitoches, Louisiana" Riffel - "Natchitoches Marriage Contracts 1739-1803" De Ville - "The Natchitoches Registers 1734-1764, Volume One" D'Antoni - "Mobile Funerals 1726-1764: Alabama Church Records of the French Province of Louisiana" De Ville - "Love's Legacy: The Mobile Marriages recorded in French, Transcribed, with Annotated Abstracts in English, 1725-1786" Vidrine - "Sacramental Records of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Mobile, Volume I, Section I, 1704-1739" - "Old Mobile: Fort Louis de la Louisiane 1702-1711" – Higginbotham - "La population des forts francais d'Amerique, Volumes I and II" Faribault-Beauregard - "The Records of the Parish of St. Francis Xavier at Post Vincennes, Ind., A.D. 1749-1773" Schmitt - "Baptismal Register of Fort Duquesne 1754-1756" - Lambing - "Village of Chartres in Colonial Illinois" Brown & Dean - "Cadillac's Village" or "Detroit Under Cadillac" – Burton - "Kaskaskia Under the French Regime" - Belting - "Kaskaskia Manuscripts" - Dean/Brown - "Dictionnaire genealoqique des familles du Quebec" Jette - "Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes" Tanguay - "La Grande Recrue de 1653" - Genealogy Society of Canada-France - "La Famille Le Compte Dupré" - Pierre-Georges Roy - "Inventaire des Ordonnances des Intendants de la Nouvelle-France", Vols. 1-4, 1705-1760 - Roy - "Inventaire de Greffes des Notaires du Regime Francais" - Multiple Volumes - Roy - "Jugements et Délibérations du Conseil Souverain de la Nouvelle-France", Vols. 1-4 - "French-Canadian Ancestors" - Multiple Volumes – LaForest - "Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties" Ollivier - "Albert deCuire arrives in Louisiana, 2275th anniversary, 1720-1995" DeCuir - "The Fontenot Family 1600-1903" Evangeline Genealogical and Historical Society - "Long Journey Home: The Ancestry of the Bret, Coco, Drapeau, Goudeau, Gremillon and Tassin Families in France" by Cathy Lemoine Sturgell - "The Normand Family of Louisiana, Volume I and Volume II" Mark J. Normand - "Daigrepont: The Ancestry of the Vernin Families in France and Daigrepont Families in Louisiana" Daigrepont Bierniat - "The Marcotte Family of Louisiana: A Genealogical Dictionary" Patrick A. Marcotte - "Genealogie de la Famille Juneau" L.-Paul Landry & Eugene J. Connerton - "The Guillory Manuscripts - 1764-1765-1766-1773" - De Ville - "Dominique Coco Jr." DeCuir & Mayeux - "To Avoyelles with the Couvillons" Couvillon - "The Hardys of Louisiana and their Ancestors" Hardy - "Moreauville Centennial" - DeCuir & Mayeux - "Moreauville Centennial 1904-2004" - DeCuir & Mayeux - "The Mansura French and other families: Volume II of the Mansura Sesquientennial Series 1860-2010" - DeCuir & Mayeux - "Cottonport's 125th Birthday 1888-2013" - DeCuir - "Plaucheville - A Bayou Community Turns 100" - DeCuir" - "Marc's Town - Volume I, Two Centuries on the Prairie" - DeCuir - "Bayou des Glaises & Ward 11 of Avoyelles" - DeCuir - "Cocoville - Hydropolis, Historical and Modern center of Avoyelles" - DeCuir & Mayeux - "Cocoville-Hydropolis - Early Settlers and Families: Volume 2 of a Three-Part Series of the History of Cocoville" DeCuir & Mayeux - "Moncla & Prairie Communities - Volume V of the Marc's Town Series" - Decuir - "1721-2021: 300th Anniversary Edition - German Settlers and Paris Brides - Some Surviving Surnames and Stories of the 1721 Colonists" DeCuir - "The Great Flood of 1927 in Avoyelles Parish" - DeCuir & Mayeux - "Avoyelles: Crossroads of Louisiana" - La Commission des Avoyelles - "The Leonce Paul Bordelon Diaries" - Leonce Paul Bordelon III (privately published) - "Dufour Les Creoles des Avoyelles" - Dufour-Lacour - "Creole Families of New Orleans" - King - "1729: The True Story of Pierre & Marie Mayeux, the Natchez Massacre and the Settlement of French Louisiana" - Myers - "The Brides of La Baleine" - Ladnier - "1720-La Loire-2020" - Decuir - "Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers" - Boothe - NOTE: Looking for something? Ask if you don't see it here because I've got other things/book that are not listed.

In addition to finding some books for sale on Amazon, you can also check Provincial Press ( or Claitors ( The Diocese of Baton Rouge and Archdiocese of New Orleans should be contacted if you're interested in purchasing the Catholic Church Records series.

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