Translating French Sacramental Documents - Help Sheet

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Research Book Suggestions

RootsMagic - A great genealogical program

1879 Map of Avoyelles Landowners

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Burial Index 1860-1875

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Burial Index 1908-1974

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Burials Found in Baptism Book 1, 1898-1906

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Baptism Book 1 Index 1872-1906

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Baptism Book II Index 1906-1914

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Marriage Index 1860-1870

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Marriage Index 1870-1872
(Note: Many of the marriages in the above two files that took place after the Civil War are for slaves that had been freed. Therefore, these may be helpful to those researching slave ancestry.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moreauville, Marriage Index 1917-1952

The Sacred Heart indexes above do not contain all info found in the individual church records. To obtain copy of a record or additional info found in the record, please contact Danita Coco (Secretary) at Sacred Heart.

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Mansura, Baptism Index 1796-1906 (Some of these baptisms are not found in the published St. Paul's Baptism Books! Also, file is VERY large - 150mg - and may take a few moments to load.)
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Mansura, Baptism Index 1796-1906 -ARMAND ONLY - MISSING PAGE

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Mansura, Marriage Index 1830-1871 - English version
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Mansura, Marriage Index 1830-1871 - French version

The St. Paul's marriage index above does not contain all info found in the individual church records. To obtain copy of a record or additional info found in the record, please contact the secretary at St. Pauls. (Thanks to Eve Daigrepont Bierniat for typing the index and for Sheldon Roy for adding the French accents!)

Here are excellent books by Ellen Dauzat,which pick up where the 3-book series entitled "Bride's Book of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana..." left off. They are available on Amazon:

"Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records 1899-1902"
"Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records 1903-1908"
"Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records 1908-1912"
"Avoyelles Parish Marriage Records 1910-1919"

Avoyelles Post 1796 Confirmations

Thanks to Lyle Barbato for providing the 1796 Confirmation document!

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Marksville, Burial Register 1 September 1869-1898

Avoyelles Cemetery Transcriptions at USGW Tombstones

Find A Grave

St. Francis de Sales Cemetery, Echo, Rapides Parish

Our Lady of Lourdes, Saint John the Baptist & Lamartiniere Cemeteries in Avoyelles Parish

Avoyelles Cemetery Transcriptions at U.S.GenWeb Archives (Cushman, Echo, St. John the Baptist, St. Mary's Assumption #1 & #2, Little Flower at Evergreeen, Sacred Heart Moreauville, Waddill Family Cemetery)

Avoyelles Cemeteries

Thanks to Ellen Dauzat for the old Avoyelles newspaper transcriptions below:

The Expositor 1843

The Villager 1843 to 1858

The Pelican 1861 to 1864 Obituaries

Marksville Bulletin 1879 to 1886 Marriages

Marksville Bulletin 1879 to 1887 Obituaries

Weekly News 1909 to 1926 Obituaries

Marksville Weekly Register September 1868-August 1869 (numerous successions)

Digitized Newspapers - including Louisiana - 1836 thru 1922

Digital Archives of the Rapides Parish Library

Google News Archive Search

Marksville Weekly News Obit Index 1920-1939

Marksville Weekly News Obit Index 1940-1949

Marksville Weekly News Obit Index 1950-1959

Marksville Weekly News Obit Index 1960-1967

We have been told that you can contact the LSUA Archives to obtain a copy of a Marksville obit but this has not been confirmed. If you are successfully able to do this, please let us know. Try this phone number: 318.619.2960

Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church, Plaucheville, 1878-1908 Baptism Index

Avoyelles Marriages


These books can be found in the Marksville Courthouse and on

Family Meeting Book A 1846-1858

Family Meeting Book B 1858-1866

Family Meeting Book C - 1866-1878

Family Meeting Book D 1877-1904

Inventories 1818-1824

Oaths and Bonds of Tutor Administration ‐ Book 1855‐1871 and Book 1872‐1889

Probate Book A 1808-1818 (by alphabet): Page: Cover, Page: ABCD , Page; EFGH , Page: JKLM , Page: NOPQ , Page: RSTU , Page: WYZ


Census records for Avoyelles Parish are available from numerous sources including However, for those of you who do not subscribe to Ancestry, the links below provide alternative **free** Census sources. Please remember that the first U.S. Census for Louisiana did not take place until 1810 although there are other French and Spanish Census records that exist before that time for Avoyelles and Pointe Coupée. Also, keep in mind that that the 1890 Census was destroyed in a fire.

Some U. S. Census records are available at From this page, you can enter a surname or the full name of an ancestor (and, if desired, other identifying data of an Avoyelles ancestor) in order to search/browse a particular census. In order to ensure that you obtain only Census records, select 'Census, Residence and Lists' under the "RESTRICT RECORDS BY" option. Please note that some of the Census records are viewable (free) from FamilySearch and others are available (often for a fee) at other off-site locations (linked from FamilySearch).

The 1850 Slave Schedule is also available for viewing on

If you are unable to view a Census for free at, you can use the Census location information (such as reel/film and page) you've discovered, and jump to to find the particular Census & reel that you're interested in. When searching at, you can simply search on "1810 Avoyelles Census" (or another Census year). You will be able to view on-line or download (very large files) the desired Census.

(Most recent first)

1850 Avoyelles Census
(Thanks to Eve Daigrepont Bierniat for indexing the 1850 Avoyelles Census!)

Book: "1850 Avoyelles Parish Louisiana Census: Transcription and Biographical Information"
(Excellent book by Eve Daigrepont Bierniat now available on Amazon.)

1810 Avoyelles Census
Nov. 1808 Pointe Coupée Census
1805 New Orleans Directory and Census

1800 Avoyelles Church Census: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Avoyelles - Page1 "List of Avoyelles slave owners who helped indemnify those at Pointe Coupée who had suffered injustice during the conspiracy of the Negroes last year in 1795."
Pointe Coupée Page 1, Page 2 Same list for Pointe Coupée slave owners
For those interested in viewing a transcribed copy of the entire "1795 Tax on Slaveowners" list, it was originally published in Le Raconteur (vol. XII, no. 2, August 1992, nos. 3-4, December 1992; vol. XIII, no. 1, April 1993, no. 2, August 1993; and vol. XVIII, no. 1, April 1998). Le Raconteur is the publication of Le Comité des Archives de la Louisiane. A copy of this transcribed document/article is available to members of Le Comité (Le Comite website). The full transcription contains the names of slave owners in New Orleans, Pointe Coupée, Avoyelles, German Coast, etc. Yearly dues are $15 for individuals and it does help support the archives in Baton Rouge.

1789 Pointe Coupée - Vote on Paper Money : Page 1, Page 2

1785 Avoyelles Census - U.S. GenWeb
(Printable PDF thanks to Sheldon Roy)

22 March 1776 Pointe Coupée Poste Census of Masters & Slaves - Pages 1 and 2: "Census of woman, children and slaves of Pointe Coupée Post who have not been included in the previous/proceeding/earlier tax") Page 1 Page 2
22 March 1776 Pointe Coupée Poste Census of Masters & Slaves - Pages 3 through 6: "Enumeration of slaves Pointe Coupée Post of both both large and small numbers including those under domination and those who are their own master as per the order of the Governor") Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

"10 Sept 1769 Oath of Allegiance to Spain - Pointe Coupée Post"

c1769 Pointe Coupée and Fausse Riviere (False River) Census (full transcription in June 2015 issue of 'Le Raconteur'): Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

1766 Louisiana Spanish Census
1749 Arkansas Post Census.....OR .... Transcription of 1749 Arkansas Post Census
1732 Illinois Census
Jan. 1732 New Orleans Census
1731 New Orleans Property Owners on the map published by Gonichon in 1731; Census of inhabitants along the Mississippi River; List of landowners located along the Mississippi River from its mouth to the German villages
1 July 1727 New Orleans Census
1 Jan. 1726 General census of the Louisiana colony including entire coast from Mobile to NOLA Census
12 Nov. 1724 Census of inhabitants of German Villages located ten leagues above NOLA along the river
15 Nov. 1724 Inhabitants along the Mississippi from NOLA to Quacha Census
1723 Leblanc & St. Catherine Concessions Census
18 Feb. 1723 Habitants of Sotehouy Arkansas Census
1 May 1722 Inhabitants of Natchitoches, Fort St. Jean Baptist, Census
13 May 1722 Concessions along the Mississippi - Census
24 Nov. 1721 New Orleans Census
1721 Mobile & Biloxi Census
1693 Habitants Port Royal
1686 Port Royal & Acadie Census
1681 Canada Census
1671 Port Royal Census
1667 Canada Census
1666 Canada Census

Sacramental Records of the Colonists of Opelousas Post - (click on) "Opelousas Post Colonists" (Research by Gladys LaGrange deVilliers)

Family Search - Sacramental Records - Québec Province

This link provides access to the sacramental records (amongst a couple of other things!) of Québec Province (Canada) - an invaluable collection to those researching Avoyelles lineages! To access the records of Québec Province, click on 'Browse through 1,398,741 images' at the bottom of the page linked above.

Louisiana Death & Birth Records - Lookup

Louisiana Secretary of State - Use link to obtain death records which occurred more than 50 years ago, births which occurred more than 100 years and Orleans Parish Marriage records which occurred more than 50 years ago.


Louisiana Confederate Pension Records - Lookup

(Note: The actual pensions are available at However, you might want to perform a search at the Louisiana Secretary of State website to see how the pension application was filed - such as whether or not it's under the soldier's name or his widow.)

Louisiana Confederate Pension Application Index

Louisiana Military Index Page

Civil War Soldiers - Search - Confederate & Union

Louisiana Confederate Soldier Burial Database

War of 1812 - Troop Roster - Battle of New Orleans (includes Avoyelles regiment & several regiments of Free People of Color)

American Revolution: "Spanish Records, Spanish-English War, 1779-1783 (Men under Gen. Don Bernardo de Galvez and other records from the Archives of the Indies, Seville, Spain)" (book available for download at the bottom of this website page) As a general rule, if your ancestor is listed in this book, you are eligible to join the SAR/DAR if you can prove that you're descended from the patriot.

Shortly after WWII, a wonderful book was distributed by The American Legion in Avoyelles Parish entitled "The Men and Women in World War II from Avoyelles Parish". The book contained pictures and brief descriptions of many of the WWII soldiers from the parish and is a wonderful tribute to those who served our country in WWII. I do not believe the book is copyrighted. However, I contacted Daniel S. Wheeler, American Legion National Adjutant, in order to obtain his permission and/or blessing to share the book. He has indicated that they do not hold a copyright on this book and has granted us permission "to distribute materials which contain [our] name provided such materials do not imply an endorsement by The American Legion". Therefore, we thank the American Legion for this wonderful tribute!

"The Men and Women in World War II from Avoyelles Parish"

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Louisiana


Helpful Hints When Researching Orphan Train Children


Freedman Contracts (Thanks to Lyle Barbato!)

Marksville Freedman's Bureau Correspondence

Archdiocese of New Orleans: Slave and Free People of Color Baptismal Records in the Archives

"Free People of Color in Louisiana"

"Freedom on the Move: A database of fugitives from North American slavery"

"Race and Slavery Petitions Project"

"Louisiana's Code Noir - 1724

Free People of Color in Louisiana - Louisiana's Digital Library (Contains a Cane River Collection)

"1719-1820 Enslaved and Free Database online By Gwendolyn Midlo Hall - Front Page"

"1719-1820 Enslaved and Free Database online By Gwendolyn Midlo Hall - Introduction Page"

One of the ways to attempt to trace slave ancestry (although it will not be easy!) is via the use of succession records of the slave owner. When a succession was opened after the death of a slave owner, the slaves were listed as property in the Inventory document of the succession and were usually listed by first name. You might also need to search conveyance records. Many succession records are now available on-line ( - Louisiana Wills & Probate Records Collection). Although you may find some conveyance records on-line also, you may have to visit the appropriate courthouse to find these records.


Kaskaskia Manuscripts - Fully downloadable for free!

Notre Dame Archives - Louisiana & The Floridas 1576-1803 (Includes Spanish Period records including dispensations)

French Colonial Documents - Black Books Reference Page: 1722-1813 (Synopsis of cases brought before the Louisiana Superior Council)

Spanish Colonial Document Index Binders: 1769-1804

Natchitoches Colonial Records - Searchable Index

The documents for the Spanish period of Louisiana can be found in the Archivo General de Indias Papeles Procedentes de Cuba, commonly known as the Cuban Papers. As you can guess, these documents are usually in Spanish. In order to determine what can be found in these papers, you can search through Roscoe R. Hill's "Descriptive Catalogue of the Documents relating to the History of the United States in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba deposited in the Archivo General de Indias at Seville". This book is available on Google Books. (Roscoe Hill's book on the Cuban Papers)

The actual records are available at LSU's Library as well as several other libraries. If you're unable to visit LSU's Library but would like to order a copy of a particular Legajo, you'll first need to find the Legajo number and name of item in Hill's book(as well as any other identifying info that Hill's book may provide). You can then order a copy from LSU. Here are the instructions for ordering:

To place your request, please create a Special Collections Request System account through this link from LSU's website. (Special Collections Request System).

After you have created your SCRS account, you may access the �Library Catalog� and search for the entry for the Cuban Papers. Click on that entry and scroll to click on �Request Material.� Switch the form to duplication, fill it out, and submit. (Cost for duplication).

Historical Archives of the Louisiana Supreme Court - Searchable

Orleans Parish Births

Orleans Parish Marriages

Archdiocese of New Orleans - On-line Sacramental Records

Archdiocese of New Orleans - Publications (including free .pdf copies of Volumes 2, 5 and 6 of the published sacramental records)

New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries Burial Search

Orleans & surrounding Parishes - Obits

Obits - GenealogyBank - Subscription Required

New Orleans Public Library - Archives & Collections

New Orleans Notorial Archives

New Orleans Notorial Archives - Historical Notaries Index

Louisiana State Museum - Louisiana Colonial Docs Digitization Project - EXCELLENT!!!

Louisiana Digital Library - Colonial Period

Louisiana Historical Society (Can research The Historical Quarterly with subscription)

"Louisiana Historical Quarterly" (Publication of The Louisiana Historical Society)
"Louisiana Historical Quarterly", Volume 1, Numbers 1-4, 1917-1918

"Louisiana Historical Quarterly", Volume 2, Numbers 1-4, 1919

"Louisiana Historical Quarterly", Volume 3, Numbers 2-4, 1920

"Louisiana Historical Quarterly", Volume 4, Numbers 1-4, 1921


Library and Archives - Canada (search on "liste des passagers")

Memoire des hommes - Compagnie des Indes


You should also check Glenn Conrad's "First Families of Louisiana" (Volumes I and II). There are also several books containing ship lists for the Germans who populated the German Coast. Drop me a line if you need more info.

19th/20th Century Ship Lists from Major Ports - Including New Orleans

FamilySearch: Louisiana, New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1820-1945

USGENWEB Archives, Louisiana, Orleans Parish, Ship and Passenger lists

FamilySearch: Louisiana Naturalization Records, 1813-1906


SUGGESTED READING! Booklet by Ory Poret

Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records

Louisiana State Land Office

Avoyelles Township/Range Map - North Half

Avoyelles Township/Range Map - South Half

Pointe Coupee Parish - Digital Map Service - Township/Range

American State Papers (Input name on left side of screen of person you'd like to search on)

RESEARCH IN OTHER FRENCH FORTS AND SETTLEMENTS (WITHIN WHAT IS NOW THE UNITED STATES) - PRE-1800 has many collections of documents (usually sacramental records) from early French forts. If you do not know the names of these forts, you can check here: List of French Forts Some of the more well-known forts were Fort de Chartres & Fort Kaskaskia (Download the 'Kaskaskia Manuscripts'); Fort Cond� (Mobile) - see below (also Fort Toulouse); Fort Ponchartrain du D�troit, Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh), Fort des Natchitoches (see below and Miscellanous section of this page), Fort Rosalie (Natchez), Fort Biloxi and Fort Vincennes (Indiana).

Three books I'd recommend for searching early Mobile: "Love's Legacy: The Mobile Marriages Recorded in French, Transcribed, with Annotated Abstracts in English, 1724-1786" (Vidrine); "Sacramental records of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Mobile, Volume I, Section 1, 1704-1739" and "Mobile Funerals 1726-1764: Alabama Church Records of the French Province of Louisiana" (Winston DeVille). (Have the books if you need a lookup)

There is a lot of info about Fort Ponchartrain du D�troit: French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan

Archives nationales d'outre-mer - Louisiane; Select Commune - Fort Biloxi, Chapitoulas, Kaskaskia, Nouvelle Orleans, Pointe-Coupee

See CENSUS section of this page for Census of Arkansas Post, Mobile, Natchitoches and several other places that may be of help.

Fort Vincennes: "The Records of the Parish of St. Francis Xavier at Post Vincennes, Ind., A.D. 1749-1773" by the American Catholic Historical Society.

Books regarding Natchitoches: "Natchitoches: Abstracts of the Catholic Church Registers of the French and Spanish Post of St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches in Louisiana 1729-1803" / Mills; "The Natchitoches Registers: Volume One" / Blaise D'Antoni; (Other books for post-1800 time period: "Natchitoches, 1800-1826" / Mills; "Natchitoches Church Marriages, 1818-1850" / Mills; "Natchitoches Baptisms, 1817-1840"/ Riffel; "Natchitoches Baptisms, 1841-1849" / Riffel)


Family Search (includes ability to search through Canadian sacramental records - Click on BROWSE ALL PUBLISHED COLLECTIONS, CANADA, QUEBEC, [Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979])

Dictionnaire genealogique des familles canadiennes - Tanguay

Inventaire des greffes des notaires du R�gime fran�ais (27 volume set containing list of docs created 17th/18th century notaries)

Memoire des hommes - Compagnie des Indes (Ships & Passengers)

Jesuit Relations

Library and Archives - Canada

Pistard - Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec

Bibliotheque et Archives Canada

PRDH - Le Programme de recherche en d�mographie historique - University of Montreal

There are two different links you can use to reach the French Sacramental records on-line (yes, France!). You will need to know which department you'd like to search because all of the records are filed by department. If you're not sure, simply type the name of a town/commune in a search engine along with the word 'department' and you should be able to find the name of the department:

Via The French Genealogy Blog (down left hand side of page)... OR.... Via the Archives of France (click on appropriate department)

NOTE: If you're unfamiliar with place names in France, you might want to read this: Click here

Noble Families in France: Surnames beginning with A through K (Familles subsistantes de la noblesse française (A à K)

Noble Families in France: Surnames beginning with L through Z (Familles subsistantes de la noblesse française (L à Z)

Churches in France

France GenWeb



Internet Archive (You can get many census records here by searching on, for instance, "1860 Avoyelles Census".)


Provincial Press

Randy Decuir - Publisher of Avoyelles newspapers - has a large number of Avoyelles Books for sale

Free: Kaskaskia Under the French Regime

Free: Creole Families of New Orleans

Free: History of Louisiana - Gayarre

Free: Marriage Contracts of Natchitoches: 1739-1803 - DeVille

To Avoyelles with the Couvillions (Parts of the book)

The Civil War Tax in Louisiana: 1865


French Records Extraction - Instructions

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