Twelfth Generation

3064. Andre "Andreas Traeger" TRÈGRE II has often been reported as having been born in 1687 in Donauwoerth, Bavaria, Germany likely due to the fact that J. Hanno Deiler reported it as such in his 1909 work entitled "The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana and Creoles of German Descent". However, Albert Robichaux, Jr. examined the original 1724 German Coast census and reports in "German Coast Families ..." that the census actual reported that Tregre's place of origin was listed as Donaller in Bavaria, Germany.2748 He came to the New World via/on "Garonne" along with his wife and one child in about 1722. One of the ship lists stated that he was a member of a group "de friderichsorth". The exact date of their initial departure from Lorient is unknown. However, due to illness on board, the ship was forced ashore at Brest in January 1721 where it remained until 27 February 1721. It arrived in Saint-Dominigue in late April where it was captured, near Samana, on 30 April, by a pirate ship called La Gaillarde from Martinique. A rescue was organized by the Governor of Saint-Dominigue. The 50-or-so survivors were brought to the port of Cap François on 19 July 1721 and are believed to have arrived at Ship Island in early 1722.3062 He died on 23 May 1773 and was buried the same day in Edgard (St. John the Baptist Parish), Louisiana.1 Madeleine HEITEL and Andre "Andreas Traeger" TRÈGRE II appeared in the census on 12 November 1724 at German Coast. The Census indicated that he was a 37-year-old Catholic from Donauwoerth, Bavaria. His wife had a child at her breast and Traeger had cleared three arpents of land. A notation on the census stated the following: "A good worker. Well lodged. His yard, 90 x 90, staked off with palisades. Well cleared. Birds have caused a great deal of damage". He had one cow from the company and he also had one pig. They appeared in the census in 1726 at Des Allemands. They had four arpents cleared by this time. The couple also appeared in the 1731 German Coast Census with three children, two negro slaves and three cows. They were married.

3065. Madeleine HEITEL was born (date unknown).

Children were: