Tenth Generation

858. Philippe BIENVENU was possibly born on 23 March 1670 in Lorient, Province of Bretagne, France.1770 He, master capenter ('menuisier') residing at the port of Lorient, signed a contract on 13 May 1718 at La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France and committed to a 3-year agreement with Pierre Melicque, 'officier de la Compagnie de l'Occident', to travel to Louisiane in the lands of 'la Merique' to serve the Company. According to a summary of the contract found in Gail Moreau-DesHarnais' April 2013 article in Michigan's Habitant Heritage entitled Part 2, "The Other Bienvenu Family of Kaskaskia in present-day Illinois: Philippe Bienvenu (and Françoise Allaire)", Philippe and his son, Antoine, "were hired by Sieur Melicque, a noble homme, for three consecutive years, for a salary of 1400 livres, to work at their trade for his profit, beginning the moment they set food in the new land. They would follow the orders of Melicque or his clerks. They would be fed and housed for those three years but had to provide their own tools. They would leave with Melicque on the first available boat. If the work required of them was done before three years were up, Melicque's contrct with them would be ended". 1964 He came to the New World via/on the vessel "la Victorie" which embarked from La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), France on 23 May 1718.1965 Françoise ALLER (ALLAIRE/ALLAIN) and Philippe BIENVENU1770 were married on 4 July 1699 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1966

(Note: Philippe's 2nd marriage was to Marie Ferret (Foret) on 6 June 1723 at Kaskaskia.)

859. Françoise ALLER (ALLAIRE/ALLAIN) was baptized on 7 February 1663 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1967 On 23 May 1718, her husband, Philippe, and son, Antoine, set sail for Louisiana after signing a 3-year contract with Company of the West. It is unknown if they intended to return at the end of the 3-year period or if Françoise (as well as their daughters - Jeanne, Françoise and Anne Marie/Marie Janne) were supposed to join them at a later date. Unfortunately, it appears that Philippe Bienvenu did not see his wife again and two children again. She died on 30 September 1719.1,1968 She was only 56 years old although her burial record indicated that she was 64. She was buried on 1 October 1719 in Lorient (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1968 (Note: Although the date is unknown, the three remaining children of Philippe and Françoise traveled to meet their father and brother, Antoine, in 'Louisiane'. Françoise's two surviving daughters of her 2nd marriage to Jean Bernard - Magdelaine and Angélique Françoise, appear to have remained in France.)

(NOTE: A total of three marriage records were found for Francoise ALLAIRE/ALLER/ALLAIN in Plomeur. Her first marriage was dated 14 October 1682 to Jean Gillet. Her parents are identified as 'Frs. Allaire and Janne Raudas'. Her 2nd marriage to Jan Bernard was dated 9 October 1692. Francoise's last name is listed as 'Aller'. Her mother is also identified on this 2nd marriage although the spelling of her last name is listed as 'Rodas'. Her father is not listed on her 2nd marriage record. Her third marriage was to to Bienvenu. She is listed as 'Francoise Allaire, widow of the deceased Jan Bernard'. It also states that Francoise's mother is Janne Raudas/Roudas'. Her sister, Nicole, was a witness to her 2nd and 3rd marriages. Nicole's husband, Francois Bretteville, also witnessed Francoise's 2nd marriage.)

Children were:


Jeanne (Janne) BIENVENU was born and baptized on 10 June 1699 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1969 She died before 12 September 1729 at the age of 30.1970


Philippe François BIENVENU was born on 9 July 1700 and baptized on 11 July 1700 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1971 He was buried on 15 July 1700 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1971


Françoise BIENVENU was born on 22 September 1701 and baptized on 23 September 1701 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1972


Antoine (Pierre) BIENVENU was born and baptized on 22 November 1703 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1973 He died in 1771 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.



Anne Marie BIENVENU.