Eleventh Generation

1718. Jean François ALLAIRE (ALLER) was born (date unknown). Jeanne RAUDAS (RODAS) and Jean François ALLAIRE (ALLER) were married in Vannes ? (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1770

1719. Jeanne RAUDAS (RODAS) was baptized on 25 November 1637 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2259 She died on 7 December 1701.1,2260 She was buried on 8 December 1701 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France. According to her burial record, she was buried in the church. Her daughter (Francoise), Philippe Bienvenu and another son-in-law (Francois Bretteville - husband of Nicole) were listed on her burial record. Her burial record seems to indicate that her age is 'sois___ quinze' which probably indicates that the Priest believed or was told that she was 75 (soixante quinze) years of age. Assuming that I have the correct baptismal record for her, she was actually 64 years of age. Although this disparity would tend to cause doubt as to whether or not I have the correct baptismal record for her, I have come across several cases in which the actual confirmed age of a person was approximately 10 years different than the stated age. As a result, the parents of Jeanne RAUDAS cannot be positively confirmed since her marriage record to (Jean) Francois ALLAIRE/ALLER has not been located. However, I believe that the parent's shown for her on the link associated with her name are likely correct. 1,2260

Children were:


Guillemette ALLAIRE (ALLER) was baptized on 4 June 1655 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2261


Jean ALLAIRE (ALLER) was baptized on 30 December 1657 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2262


Jeanne ALLAIRE (ALLER) was baptized on 16 August 1660 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2263





Louise ALLAIRE (ALLER) was baptized on 11 April 1665 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2264 She died on 30 October 1691.2265 She was buried on 31 October 1691 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.2265


Jacquette ALLAIRE (ALLER) was baptized on 24 June 1667 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2266


Catherine ALLAIRE (ALLER) was born on 19 April 1670.1,2267 She was baptized on 22 April 1670 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2268 She was buried on 5 November 1680 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2269


Nicole ALLAIRE (ALLER) was born on 18 February 1672.1,2270 She was baptized on 21 February 1672 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2270


Francois ALLAIRE (ALLER) was born on 1 August 1674.1,2271 He was baptized on 2 August 1674 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2271


Yvonne ALLAIRE (ALLER) was born on 13 February 1678.1,2272 She was baptized on 14 February 1678 in Ploemeur (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,2272