Eleventh Generation

1610. Marc Antoine HUCHÉ appeared in the 1721 Mobile Census at Fort Louis under the name of Duché. Living with him was a wife and two children. He later appeared in the Mobile census of 1726 with his wife and one child.1 He was raised from infancy among the Choctaw and was hired as an interpreter of the King in 1721. He was also used by Diron d'Artaguette for trading missions to the Choctaw in the late 1720s. According to "Mississippi Provincial Archives: French Dominion, 1719-1748", (Edmé Gatien) Salmon stated in 1732 to Maurepas about Huché, "... having been raised from infancy among the Choctaw, Huché has been an interpreter for twenty-five years: The Great Chief says of this interpreter that he has three good qualities - he is brave, firm and faithful". He died before 26 November 1736 because it is known that his estate was in succession by that time. On that date, the sale and adjudication of the house of the late Marc Antoine Huché was recorded in the records of the Louisiana Superior Council. However, his last appearance as a witness in a Mobile marriage took place on 20 June 1735 (witness to marriage of Guillaume Bousquerat dit Sans Façon and Marianne Praux - widow of Zacarie Drapeau) - possibly indicating that he had died almost a year and a half before the November 1736 succession record. Mauricette KERUEGNAN (QUEVERGON) and Marc Antoine HUCHÉ 1558 were married before 1715.

[Note: Marc Antoine's 2nd marriage was to Marie Thérèse Colon before 19 October 1734.]

1611. Mauricette KERUEGNAN (QUEVERGON) was born (date unknown).

Children were:



Marie Therese HUCHÉ.


Marie Anne HUCHÉ was born on 22 January 1719 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA. She was baptized on 22 January 1719 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.1683 It appears that she was deceased by the time of the 1726 census because the couple only had one child enumerated in 1726 although they were listed with two children in the 1721 census.