Eighth Generation

156. Joseph-Marie François ROY was baptized on 21 June 1739 at Saint Jacques et Saint Philippe in Saint-Vallier de Bellechasse (Québec Province), Canada.1,1073 He was a member of the Pointe Coupée Militia in the American Revolution and is listed as "Joseph Roy" in a militia list made on 30 June 1777. He had, also, appeared on previous militia lists for Pointe Coupée.1074 The family of Joseph-Marie Francois Roy can be placed at Avoyelles as early as 1792 based on land purchases. He appears to have died before 23 May 1810. His name is missing from the 23 May 1810 civil marriage record of his daughter, Julie, to Hypolite Mayeux. In addition, it does not appear that he is listed in the 1810 Avoyelles Census. There are 2 entries for "Roy" households but neither household contains a male over the age of 45.251 Julie BISSETTE and Joseph-Marie François ROY842,1075 were married on 22 June 1776 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA. At the time of this marriage, Joseph-Marie Francois Roy was the widower of Catherine Gueho whom he had married in 1771.1076

[Note: Joseph's 1st marriage was to Catherine Gueho on 29 January 1771 at Pointe Coupée.]

157. Julie BISSETTE was born on 5 March 1762 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1077 She was baptized on 3 March 1763 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1077 She was buried on 8 March 1856 in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1078 A petition was filed on 14 March 1856 by her son-in-law, Basile Desselles, requesting that he be declared administrator of the estate. Notice of her succession appears in (at least) two editions of "The Villager" newspaper (29 Nov 1856 and 3 Jan 1857).

Children were:


(unnamed male) ROYwas buried 5 October 1777 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.


(unnamed) ROYwas buried 12 Dec 1778 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.



Joseph ROY II.


Simon ROY was born about 10 February 1783 in Louisiana, USA.1079 He was baptized on 10 March 1783 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1079


Eugénie ROY was born on 9 March 1787 in Louisiana, USA.1080 She was baptized on 8 April 1787 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1080 After the death of Eugenie's first husband, Joseph Gauthier, in 1830, she married a second time in 1838 to Lambert Desselles. Unfortunately, he likely died a short time later and Eugenie married a third time in late 1840 to Joachim Juneau. This marriage, too, was short-lived. Joachim died in late 1842. In the 1850 Avoyelles census, Eugenie appeared as 'Widow Joseph Gauthier', age 64. She was living with her adult widowed son, Zelien, and his young daughter, Zilia. The value of Eugenie's real estate was $3000 and she was listed as a farmer. She is believed to be the "Eugene Roy" whose burial was recorded at St. Paul's in Mansura in January 1863 (no specific date provided). This date of death is supported by the fact that estate was in succession record by 7 January 1863.3144


Marie ROY was born on 13 April 1789 in Louisiana, USA.1081 She was baptized on 17 April 1789 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1081


Godefroy (Godefrois) ROY was born on 24 April 1790 in Louisiana, USA.1082 He was baptized on 23 June 1790 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1082


Élise ROY was born on 2 October 1792 in Louisiana, USA.1083 She was baptized on 16 July 1793 in (Pointe Coupée Parish), Louisiana, USA.1083


Julie ROY was born on 25 September 1794 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1084 She was baptized on 20 November 1796 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1084


Hélène ROY was born on 19 July 1797 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1085 She was baptized on 1 May 1798 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.


Jean-Baptiste ROY I was born on 16 January 1800 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1086 He was baptized on 22 February 1801 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1086


Constance ROY was born on 10 March 1803 in (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1087 She was baptized on 10 April 1803 at Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Mansura (Avoyelles Parish), Louisiana, USA.1087